October 17, 2014

No Holds Barred: Eddie Goldman And Kristal Hart On The Bright Future Of Catch Wrestling
Metamoris 5: Jonathan “JT” Torres Vs. Rory Macdonald
Graciemag: Augusto Tanquinho Presents A Pass From Half Guard That Ends In Ezekiel Choke
Part Time Grappler: The Half-Guard – How To Avoid Getting Crushed
Gracie Barra: The Chess Game
Bloody Elbow: Frank Mir Open To Rubber Match With Brock Lesnar, Praises Minotauro
BJJ After 40: Sneaky “Ninja Guard Opener” And “Tail Hip Heist”

October 16, 2014

Renato Tavares: Counter To Rear Headlock
Breaking Muscle: Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent (Product Review)
Graciemag: Joseph Capizzi Guillotine: “…Will Make It Feel Like Your Head Is Going To Explode”
Powered By She: Lessons Learned In Five Years Part 2
Tap Out 101: Fernando Terere Documentary
Pacific Wave: An Introduction To Nagasu Ryu Jujitsu