April 24, 2014

Just The Gi Top: Ep 33 – Brian Johnson
Active Life DC: Interview With Lineage BJJ’s Greg Souders
BJJ After 40: Keenan Versus Casey II: The Facebook Battles
Pro MMA Now: How To Unlock Royce Gracie In EA Sports UFC Game
Graciemag: The Day Darth Vader Started Training Jiu-Jitsu
Fight Network: Breakdown Of Khabib Nurmagomedov And Yoel Romero’s Elite Wrestling
Jason Scully: JT Torres – Spider Guard To Back Take
MMA Fighting: If Metamoris Is Willing, Luke Rockhold Wants A Piece Of Keenan Cornelius

April 23, 2014

Ricardo Cavalcanti: North South Attacks
Bloody Elbow: MMA Origins: Extreme Fighting Blazes Trail For MMA In The US
Grapplearts: Should I Do Extra Conditioning For BJJ?
Dstryr/Sg: The Man, The Legend, Frank Gotch
Rolling Train Wreck: Your Guard Can’t Hold Me (Kind Of)
Berimbolo Kid: 10 Years Of BJJ – Part 4 (I Finally Won Something!)
Game Focus: Play As Royce Gracie In Ea Sports UFC
WHOATV: Faces Of Fighting – Diego Oliveira
No Holds Barred: U.S. Open Wrestling, Hopkins-Shumenov Decision, Jiu-Jitsu And Olympics
Kid Peligro: Kids And The Future Of Jiu-Jitsu

April 22, 2014

Samuel Spiegelman: How Much Training Do You Need?
Great Grappling: The Rob Kimura
Skirt On The Mat: Belt Promotions: Time Is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy, And Don’t Panic!
Bloody Elbow: USA Wrestling Legend Wade Schalles New Head Coach Of Scientific Wrestling
BJJ Heroes: Monir Salomão
Turtle Guard: Time Off Makes You Better?
Science Of Skill: Funniest Faces Of BJJ
HOV-MMA: A Closer Look At Fabricio Werdum’s Domination Of Travis Browne

April 19, 2014

Graciemag: IBJJF Launches Rankings Divided In Belt Color And Age Division
Bloody Elbow: Vadim Kolganov: Sambo Is More Direct & Adaptable Than BJJ & Judo
Bloody Elbow: Dana White Doesn’t Guarantee Vitor Belfort’s Title Shot After His Come Back
Chewjitsu: Don’t Get Frustrated On The Mats (5 Tips To Help)
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Side Control Attack Part 2
Berimbolo Kid: 10 Years Of BJJ – My Jiu-Jitsu Journey – Part 2 (The Early Days)
Gracie Barra: Taking Care Of Your Mind Is Jiu-Jitsu: Learning From The Losses
Bleacher Report: Metamoris, Wrestling And 10 Non-MMA Events MMA Fans Should Watch

April 18, 2014

Just The Gi Top: Ep 32 Rolando Samson
Breaking Muscle: You Win Some, And You Lose Some
Caro Jkd BJJ: Dealing With Opponents And Training Partners Stronger Than You
Meerkatsu: Gi Review – Killer Bee Custom Gi – Part 2
Graciemag: Lifestyle: Want To Breathe Better For Jiu Jitsu?
WB BJJ: No Gi Single Leg Takedown Defense
This Week In BJJ: Episode 48 – The Miyao Brothers
Brian Mclaughlin: The Strike Based Jiu-Jitsu Of Javier Vazquez
Graciebarra: Marcelo Rezende And The ‘Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone’ Expansion
BJJ After 40: World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championships (Abu Dhabi): An Everyman’s Guide
KRQE: Dashcam Video Shows Jiu-Jitsu Expert Attack Officer
Active Beer Geek: Origins BJJ Crimson Black Tide 2014
Graciemag: Rolls Gracie History Uncovered In A Documentary