August 29, 2015

Bloody Elbow: ADCC 2015 Comprehensive Division-By-Division Previews
No Holds Barred: Michael Rosales On Catch Wrestling And Physical Culture
White Belt BJJ: 10 Ways To Get Promoted Faster In Jiu Jitsu
BJJ Scout: ADCC Preview : Mis-Priced Risk?
Jiu Jitsu Journey: Professor’s Point Of View: Scott Devine
MMA Frenzy: “Jacare” Souza Outlines Why Chris Weidman Isn’t The “Brazilian Killer”
MMA Fighting: Eddie Cummings On A ‘Scathing Indictment’ Of How Jiu-Jitsu Treats Leg Locks
Bloody Elbow: Jacare Vents Frustration: ‘I’m Always One Fight Away From The Title’

August 27, 2015

Bloody Elbow: ADCC Flashback: Eddie Bravo Pulls Off The Shock Of The Century
Bloody Elbow: ADCC Preview: Cobrinha And Cummings Set To Battle For Gold
Erik Paulson: Half Guard Submissions
Graciemag: The Final Session At The Historic Carlson Gracie Academy In Rio
Gracie Barra: The Best Piece Of Training Advice I Ever Got
Grapplers Planet: Gracie Family Controversy Continues Amidst Revealing Article
Science Of Skill: Executing The Tricky Imanari Flying Leg Lock Attack
George-Jitsu: 7 Ways To Train When Home Alone

August 26, 2015

Gracie Breakdown: Terrorist Attack On Train
George-Jitsu: 4 Basic BJJ Skin Conditions
BJJ Heroes: 2015 ADCC Final Competitors List
BJJ Heroes: Louis Vintaloro
Jiu Jitsu Mag: How To Correct White Belt Mistakes
Be Water, My Friend: Cross-Sides Bottom: The Invisibility Principle
Chewjitsu: Eliminating Anxiety And Self Doubt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Berimbolo Kid: Match Of The Week – Ida Hansson Vs. Luanna Alzuguir – Europeans 2013
Mike Rethmeyer: Standing Back Take Into Inverted Heel Hook

August 25, 2015

Dirty White Belt: Leg Lasso Sweep From Open Guard
BJJ Brick: Episode 97 Sam Spiegelman Q&A Part 2
Great Grappling: Side Control To Mount Thread The Needle
Gracie Barra: How Your Black Belt Professor Can Help You Build Your “A Game”
George-Jitsu: Being As Flexible As A Brick
Science Of Skill: BJJ Goal Setting – How Chaining Your Goals Is Like Chaining Your Jiu-Jitsu
Old Munki: Excuses Are Not BJJ
Attack The Back: Jiu-Jitsu For All – Vince Millett
Inside BJJ: #194 – Denny Prokopos