April 10, 2013

Fuller Fight Factor: Episode 3 – Guest Adrienne “Addie” Adams From The Green Gi
Dave Kim: Cross-Grip To Omoplata
Jits Magazine: Leg Drag To Pass Reverse De La Riva
Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu: Ben Eaton Shows The Spiral Armlock
Stuart Cooper Films: Stuart Cooper BJJ Highlight
Graciemag: Renato Cardoso Details Attack On Foot Before Fighting In Abu Dhabi
Gracie Barra: Prof. Rodrigo Freitas Showcases The Double Under Guard Pass
Breaking Muscle: The Life Changing Benefits Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brian Khou: The Most Honest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video In Existence
MMA Frenzy: Paulo Filho Released From World Series Of Fighting
AME Info: Final Countdown To Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2013
Dstryrsg: Your B-Bolo Is No Good Here, Sucker
gireviews.net: Get The Funk And Stink Out Of Your Gi!
Grappling Weekly: And Now….A Move From Big Nog