April 29, 2014

Revolution BJJ: Kimura Grip Sumi Gaeshi Option 2 (Harness To Back Take, With Armlock Finish)
Dirty White Belt: It Takes A Very Steady Hand, Or Foot
Great Grappling: The Armbar Switch
Tattooed Chimp: I Don’t Teach Submissions Very Often
Graciemag: Buchecha: “The Fight With Rodolfo Taught Me The Importance Of Patience”
Open Mat Radio: Episode 100: Tyler And Jena Bishop Of bishopbjj.com
Graciemag: Angelica Galvao Leads Female-Only Event At Art Of Jiu-Jitsu With Over 100 Present
Kid Peligro: IBJJF Announces Pro Event In Rio
Skirt On The Mat: Grappling Tournaments Are Kind Of Like A Box Of Chocolates
Graciemag: Italy’s Bruno Ivan Tomasetti Sets Sights On Worlds
Bloody Elbow: Mini-Judo Chop: Jon Jones’ Shoulder Crank