April 8, 2014

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Great Grappling: 1 Arm Darce From Sneaky Choke
Chewjitsu: 2 Part Gi Choke Series Using The Brabo Grip From Side Control
BJJ Hacks: “Hacking” Jiu-Jitsu: How We Do It, And How You Can Too
Bloody Elbow: Knee Sliding Out Of The Quarter Guard With David Jacobs
BJJ Heroes: Geraldo Flores
Connection Rio: Real Life BJJ In Rio: Brown Belt From US Trains And Competes In Brazil
Graciemag: Paulo Miyao Enters Black Belt Absolute At Sul-Brasileiro And This Is What Happens
Part Time Grappler: How To Defend Against The Darce Choke
Fox Sports: Roy Nelson Won A Lot Of Grappling Tournaments But Never Trained For A Match
wbbjj: “Diaries Of A White Belt” By Isabelle Farley