September 23, 2013

No Holds Barred: Stephan Kesting Of Grapplearts On MMA, Brain Damage, Concussions
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Attacks From Knee On Belly
Submission Blog: Benefits Of Hemp Over Cotton For BJJ Gis
Graciemag: Keenan Submits Four In Black Belt Debut
Inside BJJ: #99 – Crosley Gracie
Business/Judo Of Life: Arm Bars And Lady Bits
Meerkatsu: Gi Review – Grips Athletics, Secret Weapon 2.0
Daniel Faggella: Stephen Whittier BJJ Interview – Finding BJJ At An Older Age

September 22, 2013

Bloody Elbow: Brendan Schaub Puts Matt Mitrione To Sleep With A Choke
Pendergrass Academy: Effective De La Riva Guard Pass USing Knee Slice Rener Gracie – Royce Is Right About BJJ, And Wrong
BJJ Legends: Renato Migliaccio – The Essence Of BJJ Basics
Stuart Cooper Films: Onnit Labs Intense MMA And BJJ Workout – The Roger “Huerta Pace”
Lex Fridman: Interview With Judo World Champion Georgii Zantaraia
BJJ Scout: Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 2 – Weaves
Middle Easy: Brendan Schaub Says He Helped Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu After His Match At Metamoris
Tangled Triangle: 21 Days, 21 Life Improvements From BJJ
Grapplers Planet: Rener Gracie Secret Service Story
Chewjitsu: 10 Years In BJJ And 10 Lessons I’ve Learned (Part 4)
Science Of Skill: Renato Migliaccio – “Invincible Basics” For BJJ
Tim Sledd: Kimura Attack Series
Dstryr/Sg: Drilling Today, Success Tomorrow
Shoyoroll Presents: Yuri Simoes – Leg Lock From Half Butterfly Guard
Shoyoroll Presents: Yuri Simoes – Double Underhook Defense To Back Control
Gracie Barra: Taking Care Of Your Mind Is Jiu-Jitsu – How The Best Got There
BJJ Eastern Europe: Interview With Christy Thomas, Relson Gracie’s Only Female Black Belt

September 21, 2013

Ze Grapplez: Thoughts On The Elusive Jiu-Jitsu Takedown In Competition
No Holds Barred: Raul Ramirez On Sumo In L.A., And The Next Steps For Catch Wrestling
Shoyoroll Presents: Alex Kizu & Ulises Bella From Ozomatli
Science Of Skill: BJJ Solo Training – Maximize Your Time Even Without A Training Partner
MMA Frenzy: Royce Gracie Likes Kyra Gracie’S Chances Vs. Ronda Rousey
Grapplearts: Does MMA Make You Stupid?
Lex Fridman: Robson Moura Academy Visit
MMA Fighting: Matt Mitrione Wonders If GJJ Community Will Implode If He Subs Schaub
Graciemag: Gabi Garcia – “The ADCC Is A Completely Different Sport”
Jon Jitsu: A Story Of Staph
Graciemag: Keenan Cornelius – “The Black Belt Gives You A Sense Of Power”
Graciemag: Hannette Staack Teaches 3 Positions With Help From Andre Negao

September 20, 2013

Autism Society Of NC: Join Raleigh Forged Fitness Owners As They Give Back
Eli’s BJJ Blog: Never Leave The Mat
MMA Corner: Jiu-Jitsu Movement – 2013 Black Belt Class Strongest Ever?
Matwind: 10 Years In BJJ And 10 Lessons I’ve Learned (Part 3)
Meerkatsu: Gi Freak Magazine
Stepmom’s Toolbox: 10 Reasons Why I Practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ Athlete: Why Everybody Needs A Jiu Jitsu Notebook
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Globetrotter Interview – Christian Graugart

September 19, 2013

Gracie Barra: Double Attack From The Mount Position
Jits Magazine: Joel Gerson – How To Engage Your Opponent For A Throw In BJJ
Breaking Muscle: How To Prevent And Treat Cauliflower Ear
Side Control: Rickson – Striking Is A 50/50 Bet
Bleacher Report: Submission Of The Year Watch – September 2013 Edition
Graciemag: Watch Rafael Lovato Jr. And His American Team Prepare For The 2013 ADCC
Matwind Podcast: Episode 1 – James Clingerman
Eli’s BJJ Blog: More Solo BJJ Drills
Graciemag: Roger Gracie – “I’m Moving Up One Weight Division And I Need To Be Ready For It”
Black Belt Mag: Pedro Sauer’s Instructor Alvaro Barreto On Lapel Chokes
Bloody Elbow: B.J. Penn To Train With UFC Champ Jose Aldo For Frankie Edgar Bout

September 18, 2013

Bloody Elbow: Royce Gracie Implores Younger Gracies To Concentrate On Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Tattooed Chimp: The Ref’s Perspective
Bastos BJJ: 8 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Guard
ESPN: “Everybody Wants It”
Graciemag: Christian Uflacker Teaches Guard Pass With Armbar Transition
Side Control: Five Rules For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters In Mixed Martial Arts
Rant Sports: Ed Herman Vs Rafael Natal Will Be A Great Grappling Bout
Gracie Barra: Draculino’s Collar Choke From The Half-Guard
Dstryr/Sg: Kids, It’s Time To Work On Your Death Grip
Bloody Elbow: John Makdessi – Belts Are For Holding Your Pants Up
Josh Mancuso: 2 Sweeps From De La X-Guard (With Berimbolo)
Kid Peligro: ADCC 2013 Kyra Gracie Replaced By Chinese Competitor
Kid Peligro: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles With The Word About His Promotion
BJJ Eastern Europe: Three Masters Give Useful Tips To Jiu-Jitsu Beginners
BJJ Library: Clark Gracie’s Photogenic Omoplata Breakdown At BJJ Library

September 17, 2013

Cage Potato: On Rank, Resumes, And Arm Bars –  Why BJJ Still Matters In MMA
Pulling Guard Zine: How Jiu-Jitsu Saved One Man
Mountains To Mats: Fuji Victory Gi Review
Juggling Jiu-Jitsu: Ep 12 – Kurt Osiander
Bleacher Report: Derrick Mehmen Knocks Rolles Gracie Out Cold
BJJ Heroes: Keenan Cornelius
Black Belt Mag: Five Sneaky Armbar Setups From Jean Jacques, Rigan & John B. Will
Inside BJJ: #98 – Josh Lauber
Bloody Elbow: Gleison Tibau’s Trainers Reveal The Secret To The Biggest Same Day Weight Cut
No Holds Barred: Jessica Aguilar On Vale Tudo Japan 3
BJJ Eastern Europe: Kron Gracie On His Upcoming MMA Career

September 16, 2013

Take It Uneasy: Episode 5 – Competing As A Black Belt, Antifragile Cats, And Megaton
MMA Frenzy: Rickson Gracie’s Son, Kron, Planning MMA Debut
Graciemag: Keenan Cornelius Promoted To Black Belt
Graciemag: Celebrate The 111th Birthday Of Carlos Gracie Sr. And His Legacy
BJJ Paperweight: BJJ Spotlight – Giva And Erica Santana
Gi Freak: Shoyoroll Collaboration With Terry Richardson
Gracie Barra: Eating Well Is Jiu-Jitsu – The Gluten Free Generation