April 14, 2014

Bloody Elbow: Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Facing Charges Of Abusing, Killing 1 Year Old Stepson
No Holds Barred: Fallon Fox On Her Many Fights
Slideyfoot: Kinergy Charity BJJ Grapplethon
WB BJJ: (Advice) “Reservations” By Lauren Lacourse
MMA Torch: Cristiano Marcello Announces Retirement From MMA Following 1-3 Run In UFC
Gulf News: Stars Arrive For Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Event
Sioux-Jitsu-Girl: Women BJJ Pioneers
HOV-MMA: Marina Shafir Scores Armbar Victory In Professional Debut
Bloody Elbow: Hindsight: Fight Night Nogueira Vs. Nelson In Retrospect
Ground Never Misses: Kawazu Gake (Leg Entangled Throw) – Another Illegal Judo Throw
Exploits Of A Lazy Grappler: Unfunking

April 12, 2014

Revolution BJJ: Uncle Trey’s Lasso Sweep To Armbar
Berimbolo Kid: 10 Years Of BJJ – My Jiu-Jitsu Journey – Part 1 (The Beginning)
BJJ Rants: Taking A Look Into The Brown Belt Dream Team Of Marcelo Garcia – Jonathan Satava
Graciemag: Purple Belt Sarah Black On Training Late In Life
This Week In BJJ: Episode 52 – Carlos Terrinha
Tattooed Chimp: Thoughts On Metamoris 3
Gracie Barra: Does Size Really Matter?
MMA Mania: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Proves Once And For All That Jiu Jitsu Works
Slideyfoot: Taking The Back From Side Control
TX MMA: BJJ Black Belt In Focus: Chad Kight
Igrapple: The Hatred Of Eddie Bravo
Bloody Elbow: Johnny Bedford Knocks Rani Yahya Out With Headbutt, Loses Mind

April 11, 2014

Kurt Osiander: Attack From Open-Guard
Online BJJ Project: Podcast #16
Igrapple: This Makes Palhares Seem Gentle
Grapplearts: Five Great Followups To A Failed Triangle Choke
Gracie Barra: The Women Of BJJ
Brian Mclaughlin: Triangle Choke From London (Sean Williams Guard)
Bloody Elbow: Return To Abu Dhabi Should Raise Concerns About Human Rights Issues
Bloody Elbow: UFC Champ Renan Barao Admits That Finishes During His Title Reign
Graciemag: Mendes On Metamoris Matches: “It’s A Show And Not Only A Tournament.”

April 10, 2014

Jason Scully: High Percentage Berimbolo Counter
Bloody Elbow: Alexander Yakovlev Steps In To Fight Demian Maia At UFC Fight Night 5/31
Berimbolo Kid: Will BJJ Make It To The Olympics?
White Belt BJJ: (Advice) BJJ And Harry Potter By Jim Barrett
BJJ Heroes: Crolin Gracie
Bloody Elbow: Roy Nelson: ‘I’ve Been Wanting To Fight Big Nog Since He Beat Randy’
Abu Dhabi City Guide: Abu Dhabi Police Is The Diamond Sponsor Of Championship
BJJ Rants: Taking A Look Into The Brown Belt Dream Team Of Marcelo Garcia Part 1
Sally Arsenault: The Top 10 BJJ Rashguards For Women
No Holds Barred: John Perretti On Our 1000th Show
Graciemag: Watch Out! Marcelo Garcia May Be Choking You
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Escape From Scorpion Lock At Half Guard

April 9, 2014

Sherdog Rewind: An Interview With Billy Robinson
Grapplearts: The Evolution Of BJJ (Plus Some Crazy Stories) With Scott Nelson
Skirt On The Mat: Article By Val Worthington Regarding The Jiu Jitsu Salieri
White Belt BJJ: Where To Start By Charlie Mcshane
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Open Guard / Spider Guard Attacks
BJJ Addict: Controlling Our Opponents Takedown Offense
Meerkatsu: Review – Datsusara Battlepack Mini
Graciemag: European Jiu Jitsu No-Gi: Aj Wins Black Belt Absolute
Slideyfoot: Spider Guard Sweeps
Slideyfoot: Back Escape Details
Dstryr/Sg: The Art Of Restoration, Restore Your Grip For Another Day

April 8, 2014

Samuel Spiegelman: Things Are Changing In The BJJ Competition World
Great Grappling: 1 Arm Darce From Sneaky Choke
Chewjitsu: 2 Part Gi Choke Series Using The Brabo Grip From Side Control
BJJ Hacks: “Hacking” Jiu-Jitsu: How We Do It, And How You Can Too
Bloody Elbow: Knee Sliding Out Of The Quarter Guard With David Jacobs
BJJ Heroes: Geraldo Flores
Connection Rio: Real Life BJJ In Rio: Brown Belt From US Trains And Competes In Brazil
Graciemag: Paulo Miyao Enters Black Belt Absolute At Sul-Brasileiro And This Is What Happens
Part Time Grappler: How To Defend Against The Darce Choke
Fox Sports: Roy Nelson Won A Lot Of Grappling Tournaments But Never Trained For A Match
wbbjj: “Diaries Of A White Belt” By Isabelle Farley