July 13, 2013

Revolution BJJ: Over/Under Inverted BJJ Heel Hook
Gracie Barra: Triangle Choke Set Up From Closed Guard Using Belt Control
Science Of Skill: Robson Moura On Improving Your Game
Graciemag: New Helio Gracie Foundation To Spread Jiu-Jitsu Through Public School Programs
Jayjitsu: Origin Pro Comp 2013 Gi – Quick Review
Kid Peligro: ADCC 2013: Who’s In, Who’s Out Update
I Love BJJ: Breaking Out Of “Automatic Jitsu”… One Time A Week
Active Life DC: An Interview With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Luis Pantoja – Part II
Get Surrey: Man Blinded By Rare Condition Hits Back With Jiu-Jitsu Medal
Bloody Elbow: Could This Be Wrestling’s Next Great Heavyweight?
Fight Craft UK: BJJ Speed Drilling Skills
Olimario: US Marine Beaten By Female BJJ Whiz

July 12, 2013

Open Mat Jiu Jitsu: Review Of The Green Gi Belts
Valerie Worthington: Being Present – How To Give Yourself The Best Present Ever
Tap Out 101: History 101 – Leo Viera Vs Royler Gracie
bjj.org: Triangles And More Triangles
Samir Seif: BJJ Open Guard Double Shin Sweep
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Tips / Attitude – Keep It Playful. I Think Not!
Artechoke Books: A Spider’s De La Riva Guard – A Battle For The Hips
Felipe Costa: Jiu Jitsu Highlight + BJJ Online Training Program
BJJ Eastern Europe: Minotauro Nogueira On Anderson Silva’s Loss (Rumors In Brazil)
Tap Out 101: Jiu Jitsu Tattoo Stories
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Dokebi Bros Balance
Dstryr/Sg: Be The Keymaker And Unlock The Lockdown – Judo Style
Gameness: 4 Matches We’d Like To See In Metamoris

July 11, 2013

Bloody Elbow: MMA Fan’s Guide To Grappling – American Folk Style/Freestyle Wrestling
Ze Grapplez: Then & Now – Kron Gracie
Bloody Elbow: Old School MMA Review – UFC 3
Graciemag: Renzo Reflects On Anderson Silva’s UFC 162 Performance
Jiu Jiu: BJJ Tournaments – Mindset
Graciemag: What’s The Worst Mistake You Can Make In Training? It’s Obvious!
Shoyoroll Presents: Victor Silverio – Passing The Butterfly Guard
Tap Out 101: Harai Goshi Throw By Cub Swanson
Dstryr/Sg: So, You Play Your Jiu Jitsu Like Chess, Huh?
On The Mat: BJJ Survey Results
Graciemag: Flashback A Year Ago To Master & Senior Absolute Match Telles Vs. Ribeiro
Chingasos MMA: MMA Official David Micheal Bell On Reffing, Rules And More

July 10, 2013

No Holds Barred: Andrew Smith And Chrissy Linzy Of US Grappling On Grapplemania XVI
Graciemag: UFC’s Jake Shields Talks Jiu-Jitsu, Would Like Fight With Damian Maia
Chewjitsu: A Long List Of Reasons Why People Train BJJ
Bloody Elbow: Chris Weidman Enters Top 10 Pound-For-Pound, Anderson Silva Falls To #3
Ken Primola: Guard Recovery Drill
Fighting Photographer: What Does A Belt In Jiu Jitsu Mean?
BJJ Scout: Rodolfo Vieira Takedown Study Part 1 – A Study Of Planes
Gireviews.Net: Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine Now In The USA

July 9, 2013

Revolution BJJ: BJJ Leglock – Over/Under Heel Hook
Graciemag: Lisbon Open – Caio Terra Wins Absolute, Complete Results
Inside BJJ: #88 – Leo Frincu
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Evolution – Why Do You Train?
Ze Grapplez: 2 Final Perspectives On Passing Spider Guard – Lovato & Galvao
Graciemag: Photo – Chris Weidman Brings Home His Shiny New Belt
Grapplearts: 3 Open Guard Options Vs Standing Opponents
Bishop BJJ: Podcast #7- UFC 162, Rickson Seminars, ADCC, And More
Graciemag: Roger Gracie Thought He Was ‘Going To Collapse’ In UFC 162 Loss

July 8, 2013

Valerie Worthington: The Dark Teatime Of The Roll – When Training Gets Derailed
Graciemag: The Genius Anderson Silva – Or, The Art Of Building An Excuse
Lex Fridman: The Cycle Of Learning – Going Back To The Basics
Science Of Skill: Gracie Mag – And It’s Twisted History (Luca Atalla Interview)
HOV-MMA: GIFs Of Doom – Weidman Brings Silva Crashing Down To Earth
Ken Primola: BJJ And Depression
Jayjitsu: Guard Pass Defense
No Holds Barred: On The Rise And Decline And Rise Of Grappling
Santa Fe Ninja: Nationalism And Martial Arts

July 7, 2013

Ze Grapplez: Then & Now – Demian Maia, BJJ World Champion To MMA Fighter
Meerkatsu: Gi Review – Aesthetic Aurora (Navy) & Aesthetic Custom (Black)
Graciemag: Justin Rader Invited To ADCC After Year Of MMA Training
Graciemag: Are Miyaos Already A Threat At Black Belt?
gireviews.net: Flow Kimonos – Pro Series 2.0
Naples News: Paralyzed Man Overcomes Physical Obstacles, Training And Competing In BJJ
Ken Primola: Grappling Takedown Highlight
BJJ Hacks: Clark Gracie – “Let Your Jiu-Jitsu Flow To Get Better”
Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood: Closed Guard – Three Attack Combination
NY Post: How Did Weidman Go From Unknown To The Chic Pick To Dethrone Silva?
Jiu Jitsu Family: Arm Drag Reverse Arm Bar
Gracie Barra: Omaplata From The Spider Guard
Graciemag: Roger Gracie Happy To Carry On Family Legacy At UFC 162

July 6, 2013

Openmat MMA: Ostap Manastyrski – Guard Retention 101 – Defending The Smash Pass
Stephan Kesting: How To Fight A Standing Opponent From Open Guard
Daniel Faggella: High Road Vs. Low Road BJJ Escapes
Stephan Kesting: How To Totally Control Someone In Rearmount
Sean Roberts: 50/50 Attacks
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Butterfly Guard Pass To Choke
Rolled Up: Episode 39 Preview – Kurt Osiander
Beyond Grappling: These Leg Locks Were Legal 80 Years Ago
Daniel Faggella: Kesa Gatame Escape To Back Mount
Keebler Istiny: Duck Under To Double Leg Takedown
Daniel Faggella: North-South Escapes For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Lex Fridman: Morote Seoi Nage – Tips And Details
Tangled Triangle: Gabi’s Done With The Gi?
BJJ Addict: The Martial Apprentice By Roy Dean
BJJ Addict Radio: Denny Prokopos Interview
Fighting Photographer: Staph Is Not Your Friend!
Inner BJJ: BJJ Is Not Life