November 2020

Revolution BJJ: Crazy Americana Finish – Advanced No-Gi With Black Belt Commentary
BJJ Tribes: Andre Galvao Plots Return To MMA
BJJ Tribes: Who Are The Greatest Ever BJJ Families?
BJJ Brick: We Disagree With Some Popular BJJ Ideas
Jiu Jitsu Mag: Work Your Neck – Iron Neck Review
BJJ Canvas: How I Often Deal With Ankle Lock Attacks
Jits Tycoon: How To Do The Imanari Roll In BJJ
thejiujitsupedia: Common Mistakes When Learning The Guard
Stuart Cooper Films: Ryan Hall – Philosophy Of Jiujitsu
Bernardo Faria: Powerful BJJ Kneebar By Victor Hugo
BJJ Tribes: Emily Kwok Biography & Interview
Grappling Central: Karel “Silverfox” Pravec Returns
Jits Tycoon: Effectively Execute A Hip Toss In BJJ
Jits Magazine: The Greatest BJJ Brothers And Sisters
Middle Easy: Master The Spinning Baseball Bat Choke
Grapple Arts: Fixing Martial Arts Back Pain, With Dr Stuart McGill
thejiujitsupedia: Common Mistakes In Jiu-Jitsu (Turtle Position)
BJJ Tribes: Attacking The Anaconda Choke
BJJ Tribes: How Do You Open A Closed Guard?
BJJ Tribes: Andre Galvao – “Cops Should Know Jiu-Jitsu.”
Jiu-Jitsu Times: Mackenzie Dern Talks Mental Toughness And Tough Love
BJJ Heroes: IBJJF 2020 Pan American No-Gi Championship Results
Bloody Elbow: Leandro Lo Crowned BJJ Stars Middleweight Grand Prix Champion
Jits Magazine: John Danaher Is Moving To Puerto Rico With His Students
Middle Easy: Fundamental Leg Lock Positions
Ramsey Dewey: No Gi Grips
Middle Easy: The Armbar
BJJ Tribes: How To Finish The Von Flue Choke
First Showing: Sean Patrick Flanery In Trailer For Jiu-Jitsu Drama ‘Born A Champion’
Middle Easy: 5 Tips For A Better BJJ Guard
BJJ Tribes: The Bulldog Choke
Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ: Calf Lock
Grappling Central: Episode 441: Roberto Godoi
BJJ Heroes: William Tackett
BJJ Tribes: Andy Stumpf On Using Weapons In BJJ
Bernardo Faria: Xande Ribeiro Guard Passing Drill
BJJ Heroes: Gabriel Costa “Maranhão”
Grappling Insider: The Road To Black Belt With Ferocious Leg Locker Michael D’Aguiar
Flo Grappling: Who Will Win No-Gi Pans?
BJJ Tribes: Using The Arm Saddle To Attack From The Guard
Jiujitsu News: Shrimping BJJ Step By Step
BJJ Heroes: Elisabeth Clay
Brian Glick: Jujigatame Armlock From Closed Guard
Gracie Barra: Passing Open Guard
Jits Tycoon: The Ankle Pick
BJJ Tribes: Pati Fontes Biography & Interview
BJJ Tribes: The Sao Paulo Pass – How To Escape The Closed Guard
BJJ Spot: Flexibility And BJJ: Do You Need To Be Flexible For Jiu-Jitsu?
Jiu Jitsu Times: Elisabeth Clay Earns Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
BJJ Heroes: Victor Nithael
Jits Tycoon: Straight Ankle Lock
Grappling Central: Episode 440: Thomas Lisboa
BJJ Tribes: Riccardo Ammendolia Interview
Bloody Elbow: Wrestling Breakdown: Yaroslav Amosov vs Ed Ruth
Parttime Grappler: Grip Fighting 101
BJJ Gi Reviews: How To Properly Wash And Dry Your New Gi
BJJ Tribes: The Dogbar – Kneebar From The Top Over Under Position
Middle Easy: Everything You Need To Know About The Rear Naked Choke
Jits Magazine: Carlos Condit Receives Purple Belt At 10th Planet
BJJ Tribes: Oleg Taktarov Interview
BJJ Tribes: 11 Of The Best Eddie Bravo Quotes For BJJ And Life
Jiu Jitsu Times: 2020 IBJJF Worlds Canceled Due To Covid-19
O.G. Fitness: Why BJJ Is More Expensive Than Judo
Grapple Arts: Breaking Alignment To Set Up The Triangle From Guard
Brandon Mccaghren: Khabib Grip
Jits Magazine: Bruno Malfacine Opens New Gym In Orlando, Florida
BJJ Heroes: Alex Munis
BJJ Tribes: Setting Up & Finishing The Caio Terra Ankle Lock From The De La Riva Position
Jits Magazine: Oliver Taza Becomes Latest John Danaher Black Belt
Chewjitsu: Blue Belt Confident With BJJ, Insecure Off The Mat
BJJ Tribes: Lapel Guards
Chewjitsu: Pendulum Sweep From Full Guard
Knight Jiu-Jitsu: The First Five Leg Attacks You Need
BJJ Tribes: BJJ Injuries & How They Happen
BJJ Heroes: Nicky Ryan
BJJ Spot: Is Strength Important To Be Good At Jiu Jitsu?
Pendergrass Academy: On The Mat With Guy And Rob: Walls, Ceilings And Excuses
BJJ Tribes: BJJ Athletes – Chad “Kodiak” Fields Interview
BJJ Tribes: Andre Galvao Talks Heel Hooks In No Gi Worlds
Grappling Central: Episode 439: Sean Daugherty
Gracie Barra: 5 Most Important White Belt Techniques?
Bernardo Faria: Perfect Takedowns By John Danaher
BJJ Tribes: Who Is The BJJ Instructor John Danaher?
Jits Magazine: Which Team Grappling Event Has Best Format?
Revolution BJJ: De La Riva Guard Pass
BJJ Tribes: Nicky Ryan & Ethan Crelinsten Promoted To Black Belt
BJJ Heroes: Keiser Girão
State Of Security: 5 Lessons From BJJ Applicable To Cybersecurity
Lowkick MMA: The Kneebar
Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ: Sweep and Choke Old School style
BJJ Tribes: Leg Lock Hierarchy – Best To Worst


October 2020

Grapplers Planet: Defend Against The Backstep Guard Pass
Gracie Breakdown: Brian “T-City” Ortega 2.0
Grappling Central: Episode 438: Halloween Special 2020
BJJ Tribes: Who Are The Best BJJ Instructors In The World?
Roger Gracie TV: Straight Armlock From Side Control
Gracie Barra: The Single Leg Takedown
Grappling Insider: I Bought My Own Mats, Then Everything Changed
BJJ Heroes: Wallace Costa
BJJ Tribes: Christian Graugart (BJJ Globetrotters) Interview
Jits Magazine: IBJJF Sets Date For World Masters Championships
Jiu Jitsu Times: Should I Cut Weight For A Jiu-Jitsu Tournament?
Revolution BJJ: Knee Cut Guard Pass Maintenance – Spinning Away (“Lazy Susan”)
Lowkick MMA: Ankle Lock Explained
Brandon Mccaghren: Arm Triangle
Kayfabe Jiu-Jitsu: No Gi BJJ: North/South Choke (Lat Choke)
BJJ Tribes: BJJ Athletes – Chad ‘The Beast’ Hardy
BJJ Brick: Episode 363 Conventional Wisdom Of BJJ

Jits Magazine: BJJ Is Pain: Five Great Rehab Accounts To Follow
Knight Jiu-Jitsu: 8 Seriously Nasty Chokes
Gracie Breakdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje
BJJ Tribes: Guards, Positions, And Submissions Named After Animals
Gracie Barra: The Importance Of Judo With Prof. Carlos Lemos
Lowkick MMA: Bulldog Choke Explained
BJJ Tribes: List of Guard Passes
Jiu Jitsu News: Understand The Crossface In Wrestling And BJJ
BJJ Tribes: Andre Galvao On The Rise Of The Ruotolo Twins
Jits Magazine: Cris “Cyborg” Justino Earns BJJ Black Belt
BJJ Heroes: Oliver Taza
Brian Glick: Deep Half-Guard In BJJ: Expose The Back, Attack The Legs
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Old School Choke
Middleeasy: The Differences Between Blue Belt And Purple Belt
Lowkick MMA: Anaconda Choke Explained
Pendergrass Academy: Open Guard Sweep From Failed Tomoe Nage Throw
BJJ Heroes: Arya Esfandmaz
Grapple Arts: Is It Safe To Train BJJ During Covid?
BJJ Tribes: John Danaher On Why He Doesn’t Want Gordon Ryan To Go Into MMA
Grappling Central: Episode 437: Josh Ruiz
BJJ Heroes: Luciano Nucci “Casquinha”
Gracie Barra: The Kimura
Bernardo Faria: The Shotgun Armbar From The BJJ Lasso Guard By Marcos Tinoco
BJJ Tribes: Marvin Castelle Biography & Interview
Jits Tycoon: Who Are The Most Successful And Wealthiest People In BJJ?

BJJ Tribes: How Would You Describe Jiu Jitsu?
BJJ Tribes: Ken Gabrielson – USA’s 2nd BJJ Black Belt Josh Barnett To Fight Former KSW Champ In Bare-Knuckle Fight Friday
BJJ Heroes: Tainan Dalpra

Jits Magazine: Jiu Jitsu Origins: Grappling With Gods
BJJ Tribes: Can You Slam In BJJ?
BJJ Tribes: Magdalena Loska Biography Interview
TVOM: What We Learned From The Trailer For “Jiu Jitsu” Starring Nicolas Cage
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Old School Pass The Guard With Armbar
Grapple Arts: Connect Your Sweeps And Guard Passes
Grapple Arts: Psychology Of BJJ, With Dr David Ley
Bloody Elbow: Brian Ortega Out-Strikes The Korean Zombie
Lowkick MMA: Darce Choke Explained
Revolution BJJ: Solo Drill: Shoulder Roll, Back Door Inversion, Triangle, Sit Through
Jits Magazine: Accounts You Have To Follow For Guard Passing
Jits Tycoon: The Rubber Guard
Bernardo Faria: Guard Retention Mistakes
BJJ Tribes: The Most Expensive BJJ Gi Ever?
Pendergrass Academy: Tomoe Nage Throw
Gracie Barra: Understanding The X-Guard With Joe Scarola
Lowkick MMA: Heel Hook Explained
BJJ Tribes: BJJ Warms Ups
BJJ Heroes: Erich Munis
Jits Magazine: Jiu Jitsu Film Trailer Released, Barely Any Jiu Jitsu
BJJ Tribes: Open Mat Etiquette
BJJ Heroes: Jessa Khan
Lowkick MMA: Guillotine Choke Explained
Grappling Central: Episode 436: Joe Baize
Jiu Jitsu Times: Another BJJ Athlete Has Stroke
BJJ Tribes: Acai – A History Of The Brazilian ‘Superfood’
BJJ Heroes: Anderson Munis
Jits Magazine: 6 Exercises That Andre Galvao Uses
Lowkick MMA: Rear Naked Choke Explained
CVBJJ Online: Omoplata Series Part 2
BJJ Gi Reviews: The Omoplata Explained
Bloody Elbow: A New Generation Of Elite Black Belts Has Arrived
Lowkick MMA: Peruvian Necktie Explained
Jits Magazine: Carlos Machado Receives His Red And White Coral Belt
Attack The Back: 2020 IBJJF Pan American Championships Results
BJJ Tribes: A Review Of Priit Mihkelson’s DefensiveBJJ
Jiu Jitsu Times: IBJJF – Heel Hooks & Reaps In 2021
ESPN: Rener Gracie Tests Positive, Won’t Corner Brian Ortega
Jocko Podcast: How To Properly Encourage Kids To Start Jiu Jitsu
Lowkick MMA: Ezekiel Choke Explained
MMA Sucka: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 Preview And Predictions
MMA Leech: Pendulum Sweep From Closed Guard
Pendergrass Academy:  3 Tips For Improving Faster In BJJ & Muay Thai
Gracie Barra: Closed Guard Sweep Fundamentals
BJJ Heroes: Emilly Alves Vasconcelos
BJJ Heroes: Is The IBJJF Allowing Heel Hooks And Reaping For 2021?
Jiu Jitsu Times: Dern To Fight Fellow Black Belt Jandiroba
Grappling Insider: Ben Hills, A Rising Star
Grappling Insider: Best Barbell Training for BJJ
Jits Magazine: Jacare To Open His First Gym
Lowkick MMA: Kimura Explained
Grappling Central: Episode 435: Joel Bane
BJJ Tribes: Is This The Worst Jiu Jitsu Movie Ever?
Lowkick MMA: Triangle Choke Explained
BJJ Gi Reviews: How To Find The Perfect Gi In 5 Easy Steps
Bernardo Faria: Painful Position – “Spread The Chicken”
Ramsey Dewey: Why You Can’t Finish A Double Leg
Jiu Jitsu Times: AOJ Prodigy Jessa Khan Earns BJJ Black Belt
Grapple Arts: The Ranges Of Butterfly Guard
BJJ Heroes: Lucas Gualberto
BJJ Tribes: How Much Do ADCC And Worlds Pay In Prize Money
Attack The Back: How To Survive Your First BJJ Camp
Middle Easy: 10 Best Female Grapplers Ever
RTC Fitness: What To Know Before Your First Class
Revolution BJJ: Ezekiel Choke From Inside Closed Guard
BJJ Heroes: Rafaela Guedes
BJJ Tribes: Low Percentage BJJ Moves & Submissions
Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ: Old School Defenses
Grapplers Planet: Why You Always Remember Your First Stripe
MMA Sucka: Who’s Number One Results
Grapple Arts: The Fundamental Movements Of BJJ
BJJ Tribes: What Are The Most Dangerous Submissions?
Gracie Breakdown: Helio Gracie Teaching Ryron & Rener In 1988
Grappling Central: Episode 434 – Kurt Osiander
London Real: Royce Gracie – The Original UFC Champion
BJJ Heroes: André Góis
MMA Sucka: “Who’s Number One” Submission Grappling Preview


September 2020

Revolution BJJ: Basics: Armbar From Mount
Jits Magazine: IBJJF Refuse To Recognize Enson Inoue As A Black Belt
Jits Magazine: IBJJF Earns Nearly $2 Million From Membership Alone
Bloody Elbow: HBO’s Real Sports Dives Into Weight Cutting In MMA
BJJ Tribes: Kieran Davern Biography Interview
Grapple Arts: Butterfly Guard To X Guard Standup Sweep
Grappling Insider: Rib Injuries: Causes, Diagnosis And Prevention
BJJ Brick: Episode 362 – Basics, Fundamentals & Principles Of BJJ
Absolute MMA: Why The Hip Escape Is Bad For Guard Retention
Teach Me Grappling Coach Brian: Enter The Kneebar
Grapplers Planet: Covid-19 And Competition
Thomas Lisboa: BJJ Arm Bar From Side Control
Bloody Elbow: ADCC NA Trials Delayed, Potentially Affecting WC
Grappling Insider: Mikey Musumeci Out Of The 2020 IBJJF Pans
Lex Clips: What Does It Take To Be A Black Belt – Ryan Hall, Jen Hall
BJJ Motivation: Beginner’s Guide: IBJJF Weight Classes
Vince Luu: Advice To BJJ White Belts From All Belt Levels
Brian Glick: Defending The Knee Cut
Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics: Transition From Kimura To Heel Hook
Grappling Insider: Jessica Swanson
Tiebreaker Times: 3 Potential Opponents For Brandon Vera
BJJ Tribes: Sandbagging In BJJ
Grappling Insider: Pans Breakdown: The Heavier Weights
Nsima Inyang: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting BJJ
Jiu Jitsu Times: 5 D*ck Moves In Jiu-Jitsu That Are Technically Sound
BJJ Tribes: Trey Pace Shows The Bow & Arrow Choke
Grapple Arts: A Secret That Makes Passing The Guard Much Easier
Jits Magazine: Ffion Davies Talks About Potential MMA Career
BJJ Heroes: Mackenzie Dern, UFC Submission Record On The Horizon
Bloody Elbow: Takedown Breakdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov
Gracie Barra: Positional Escapes With Prof. Brian Waltz
Jits Magazine: John Danaher – Speed Up Learning Takedowns
Grappling Insider: Jena Bishop
Fox 35 Orlando: Police Chief Offers Jiu-Jitsu
Michael Randolph Moses: Recap Of Knee Cut Across
Grappling Central: Episode 433: Anthony Ashnault
BJJ Tribes: Kurt Osiander Biography & Interview
Grapple Arts: A Doctor (And BJJ Black Belt) At Covid Ground Zero
Jiu Jitsu Times: Tom DeBlass On Newcomers Who “Challenge” Instructors
Grappling Insider: 10 Celebrity BJJ Black Belts
BJJ Tribes: 19 Interesting Facts About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Revolution BJJ: Ezekiel Choke From Inside Closed Guard
Jiu Jitsu Times: ADCC East Coast Trials Postponed
BJJ Heroes: Maxine Thylin
BJJ Tribes: Ryan Hall On How To Beat Khabib Nurmagomedov
Chewjitsu: BJJ Solo Drill To Build Better Sweeps From Butterfly Guard
Jiu Jitsu Times: Impostor Syndrome?
Lex Fridman: Ryan Hall: Philosophy Of Violence, Power, And Grace
Jits Magazine: Gordon Ryan Accepts Covington’s $100k Challenge
Gracie Barra: Prof Carlos Souza
Gracie Breakdown: Mackenzie Dern Vs Randa Markos
BJJ Tribes: List Of Guard Positions In BJ
BJJ Heroes: Olavo Abreu
Grappling Insider: Luiza Monteiro
Jits Magazine: Mackenzie Dern Racks Up Another Submission Finish
BJJ Motivation: Best BJJ Instructional DVDs
Jon Thomas BJJ: Complete Guard Passing Overview
Grappling Insider: Nicolas Cage BJJ Movie Hits Screens In November
BJJ Tribes: 11 Essential Items For A BJJ Beginner
Jits Tycoon: Roger Gracie: Jiu Jitsu’s Greatest Competitor
Revolution BJJ: Jiu Jitsu Trends Over The Past Decade
MMA Leech: Monoplata Submission 5 Catch Wrestling Turtle Escapes
BJJ Tribes: The Best BJJ Competition Gyms In The World
BJJ Basics: Incremental Arm Drag To Arm Drag Flower Sweep
Gracie Barra: Headlock Escapes
Jits Tycoon: The Brabo Choke
Pendergrass Academy: Spin Under Armbar From Closed Guard
Jiu Jitsu Times: Vinny Magalhaes To Face Mason Fowler At SU 18
Grappling Central: Episode 432: Cole Miller Returns
Jits Magazine: Dern Left Coach For Fighting With Her Husband
Jits Magazine: Tom Halpin: The Modern Game Review
Grapplers Planet: Recovery Tools You Should Have At Home
BJJ Tribes: Quentin Rosenzweig Biography
Revolution BJJ: Seoi Nage Shoulder Throw – Dropping To Both Knees
Jits Magazine: Jocko Willink Explains How To Deal With Losing In BJJ
Chewjitsu: I Was A Slow Learner As A White Belt
Grappling Insider: Josh Thomson – Ban Inverted Heel Hooks?
Revolution BJJ: Keeping Sane During Quarantine
Grappling Insider: 3 Best Beginner Kettlebell Exercises For BJJ
Bloody Elbow: Grappling Report: 3 Pro Grappling Events In One Week
Bloody Elbow: Wrestling Breakdown: Mo Miller
Jits Magazine: Michelle Waterson Earns BJJ Brown Belt In Victory
Gracie Barra: Meet Prof. Vanessa Waltz
Revolution BJJ: Preemptive Wristlock From Armbar From The Back
Bernardo Faria: Berimbolo With Gi And No Gi By Gordon Ryan
BJJ Tribes: Why Is BJJ So Addictive?
BJJ Spot: How To Make Money With BJJ
Pendergrass Academy: Reverse Triangle Setup From Side Control
Grappling Insider: Is Craig Jones Done Competing In EBI Rules?
Grappling Central: Episode 431: Gilbert “Durinho” Burns
Chewjitsu: Slick Armlock And Blueprint For Setups
Level Change Podcast: UFC Vegas 10 Preview, Canelo Suing Everyone
BJJ Tribes: How To Prevent Muscles Soreness
Jits Magazine: Jacare: ‘Same Money Teaching As Fighting
Grapplers Planet: Top 5 Brown Belt Teams In The World Today
Jits Magazine: Gabi Garcia Takes On Claudia Do Val At BJJ Stars 4
BJJ Tribes: Can Anyone Become A BJJ Black Belt?
Middle Easy: Renzo Gracie: BJJ Not Enough To Neutralize Nurmagomedov
BJJ Heroes: How Rules Change Jiu-Jitsu 2.0
Grappling Insider: Profile: Ana Carolina Vieira
Sherdog: Why Marco Ruas Should Be In The Hall Of Fame
BJJ Tribes: Andre Galvao $1 Million Super Fight Against Gordon Ryan?
A Skirt On The Mat: Getting Back To Training: Be Kind To Yourself
Jits Tycoon: Keenan Cornelius: The Lapel Magician
Grappling Insider: Cyborg Heel-Hooks Duarte: BJJ Bet
BJJ Tribes: Rickson Gracie’s Breathing Techniques
Jits Magazine: The Origins Of The Head And Arm Choke
BJJ Tribes: Rafael ‘Formiga’ Barbosa
Grapplers Planet: How Training In Pods Can Keep You Safer
Bernardo Faria: Overview Of The Supine Guard By Gordon Ryan
The MMA Guru: The Best Neck Harness For Injury Prevention
The Grapple Club: Kneebar From Tripod Back Control – Ffion Davies
BJJ Heroes: Waldyr Filho
BJJ Tribes: High Percentage Gi Chokes – Analysing The Data
BJJ Tribes: Illegal BJJ Moves & Submissions In IBJJF Ruleset
Grappling Insider: BJJ To The Beat: How Music Can Impact Your BJJ
Jits Magazine: ADCC Boss On Adding More Women’s Divisions
Gracie Barra: Jiu-Jitsu Culture
BJJ Tribes: Why BJJ Has Risen In Popularity
BJJ Heroes: Josh Cisneros
Grappling Central: Episode 430: Renato Canuto
Jiu Jitsu Times: Straight Ankle Lock Details
BJJ Tribes: Is BJJ Still Effective In MMA?
BJJ Heroes: William Abreu
BJJ Brick: 361 – Improve Your BJJ With Science


August 2020

Gracie Barra: Short Arm Drag
Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics: Hidden Details In The Tripod Sweep
Jits Magazine: The Biggest Upsets In BJJ History
BJJ Tribes: Best BJJ Books For White Belts & Beginners
Kiiyon Kimura: How Good Was Royce Gracie
Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics: Should You Do Strength And Conditioning For BJJ?
Chewjitsu: Why Do So Many Top BJJ Competitors Avoid MMA?
BJJ Tribes: How Much Does It Cost To Do BJJ Per Month?
Bloody Elbow: There Shouldn’T Be Different Styles Of Reffing In MMA
Grappling Insider: Pods: Jiu Jitsu’s Answer To The Pandemic?
Grappling Central: Episode 429: Zack Esposito
BJJ Tribes: BJJ Athletes – William Tackett
Martial Arts Journey: Why MMA And BJJ Destroy Egos
The Sports Daily: Your Weekend In Combat Sports
Pendergrass Academy: Fundamental Gi Choke
BJJ Heroes: Gustavo Machado
Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics: How To Build A BJJ Game Plan
Grappling Insider: The Gi Vs No-Gi Debate
BJJ Tribes: John Combs & The Mental Side Of Grappling
Revolution BJJ: Spinning Away Maintenance
BJJ Heroes: Raul Basílio
BJJ Spot: Turtle Guard
BJJ Tribes: How Does BJJ Change Your Body?
Chewjitsu: Should I Leave My Gym To Train With John Danaher?
Gracie Ohio: Unspoken Rules Of Jiu Jitsu
Jits Magazine: First Look At The 2020 IBJJF Pan-Ams Divisions
Elevate MMA: Guillotine Technique Napkin Math
Grappling Insider: Tanner Rice: I Had More In The Tank
BJJ Tribes: Are There Still Undiscovered Techniques In BJJ?
Gracie Barra: No-Gi Submissions
Jits Magazine: The Origins Of The Triangle Choke
BJJ Tribes: How Much Does A BJJ Instructor Make?
No Holds Barred: Rob Koehler On The Boom In Athlete Activism
Revolution BJJ: Bear Trap Calf Slicer
Stephan Kesting: Strenuous Life Podcast 281 – Training BJJ Outside
BJJ Tribes: Armbar To Bicep Slicer
BJJ Tribes: The Leg Drag Pass
Jits Magazine: Ryan Hall Out Of Ricardo Lamas Fight
BJJ Spot: Can Opener
Gracie Barra: Ouchi Gari
Jits Magazine: The World Is Getting Ready For ADCC Trials
Pendergrass Academy: One Arm Spinning Americana From Side Control
Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ: Old School Lapel Tricks
BJJ Tribes: How To Do The Tripod Sweep From Open Guard
Bernardo Faria BJJ Fanatics: Best Takedowns For Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu Times: Panicking About Being Stuck In Mount?
BJJ Tribes: Straight Arm Lock – From Guard Or The Top
Revolution BJJ: Solo Drill: Lateral Inversion
Jits Magazine: Gyms Across US Go Into Survival Mode
BJJ Heroes: Lukete Silva
Jocko Willink: How To Avoid Injuries When Starting Jiu Jitsu
Grappling Insider: Should Blue Belts Be Allowed To Slam?
Grapplers Planet: Why Purple Belts Skip The Warm Ups
Bloody Elbow: Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida Sidelined With Knee Injury
BJJ Tribes: John Wayne Sweep From Bottom Half Guard
Grapple Arts: Triangle Choke Setup From Open Guard
Bernardo Faria: Triangle Choke Set Up On The Mount By Craig Jones
Jits Magazine: The 5 Best Who Haven’t Won A World Championship Yet
BJJ Tribes: The Short Choke – An Alternative To The Rear Naked Choke
Samurai BJJ: 7 Golden Rules Of Jiu Jitsu
Revolution BJJ: Establishing The Leg Staple From Scissor Half Guard
Grappling Central: Episode 427: Murilo Bustamante Returns
BJJ Heroes: Roosevelt Sousa
BJJ Tribes: Hip Bump Sweep
Gracie Barra: Outside Trip – Osoto Gari
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu News: Triangle Choke
Ramsey Dewey: Why Don’t BJJ Guys Do Roadwork Like Boxers?
Bloody Elbow: Ben Askren Regrets Not Focusing On Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ Heroes: Fabricio Andrey
John Will: Wrestling Vs Jiu Jitsu
Grapple Arts: Mental Practice In BJJ
Zombie Proof BJJ: Mounted No Gi Ezekiel
Absolute MMA St Kilda: Is It Bad To Invert?
Revolution BJJ: Lapel Ezekiel Choke From Side Control
Attack The Back: Shootfighting: A History
Jiu-Jitsupedia: Darce Choke To Kimura 1-2 Combination
Gracie Barra: Fitness For Jiu-Jistu
Grapple Arts: The Ball And Chain Sweep
Bernardo Faria BJJ: Surprising Triangle From Closed Guard 7 Cheapest Lightweight Gi BJJ For Beginners
Ramsey Dewey: Follow Through With Submission Holds?
Martial Arts Lab: What To Bring To A No-Gi BJJ Class
BJJ Spot: Mental Toughness In BJJ – All You Need To Know
The MMA Guru: Vale Tudo, The Predecessor To MMA
Jiu Jitsu Times: Finish The Takedown Even If A Sprawl Shuts Down Your Shot
Revolution BJJ: Using Shin-On-Shin To Transition From Knee Cut To A Butterfly Guard Sweep
Grappling Central: Episode 426: Bob Bass
Gracie Barra: Hip Throw
Revolution BJJ: Double Under Guard Pass – Advanced Basics
Pendergrass Academy: Counter To The Kimura Defense
Chewjitsu: How To Drill When Your Partner Only Wants To Roll
BJJ Fanatics: Side To Rear Mount Reactive By John Danaher
BJJ Heroes: Tácio Carneiro
Revolution BJJ: Double Under Guard Pass
Chewjitsu: Why Not Tapping Makes Your Submissions More Effective & Safer
Knight Jiu-Jitsu: Six Powerful No Gi Chokes 5 Concepts For The BJJ Beginner
Grapplers Planet: Use Your Gi To Help With These Ab Exercises
BJJ Heroes: Kauan Barboza Triangle Choke From Closed Guard
Alec Baulding: Prison Rules Wrist Lock: How To Make Enemies And Ruin Friendships
Grapple Arts: Train Hard And Train Smart
Grapplers Planet: Build Stronger Wrists, Forearms For BJJ
Bloody Elbow: Takedown Breakdown: Alexander Volkanovski’s Inside Trip