February 18, 2014

Stuart Cooper Films: The ADCC 2013 Documentary Series (The Journey) Teaser Trailer
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Grapplearts: The Most Dangerous Throw In Judo & BJJ
BJJ Rants: Taking A Look At Flow Kimono’s Classic Gi
Bloody Elbow: Submissions: All-Time Invicta & UFC Statistics
Inside BJJ: #116 Royler Gracie
Chewjitsu: Whats Really Important In BJJ
Skirt On The Mat: Your Jiu Jitsu Journey: The One Man Race
Steve Scott: Headroll Juji Gatame In-Depth Sambo Application
Graciemag: 2 Bold Academy Owners’ Story Of How Jiu-Jitsu Helped Victims Of Typhoon Haiyan
Graciemag: GM #203: Cyborg And The Mechanics Of The Tornado Guard
Mike Rethmeyer: Reverse Kimura Lock
Stillwater Gazette: Hoof Prints: Jiujitsu Blue Belt
Great Grappling: Back Step Defense Knee Switch