February 24, 2016

Jiu Jitsu Times: Off The Mat With A BJJ Black Belt: Jimmy Tang
Ze Grapplez: Episode 4 – The Lame Awakens, Steroid-Silva Apologists, & System Justification
Grapplers Planet: Top 4 Eating Mistakes BJJ Fighters Make
MMA Fighting: Roger Gracie: Metamoris Considered Jiu-Jitsu Match With Fabricio Werdum
Chewjitsu: 7 Simple BJJ Mount Attacks ( 2 On 1 Keylock Setup)
Grapplearts: Leg Action In Rear Mount – How To Put The Squeeze On Your Opponent
Gracie Breakdown: Royce Gracie v Shamrock, Mounted Triangle Choke By Donald Cerrone
Bloody Elbow: Wanderlei Silva: Rizin Offered Me A Two-On-Two BJJ Exhibition Match
Bloody Elbow: Submission Radio #82: Tj Dillashaw, Ben Rothwell, Tony Ferguson