February 6, 2013

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Lloyd Irvin: The BJJ Kumite Episode 3
Electric Oceans D&A: Cobrinha’s 12 Rules For A Happier Life
Learn To Grapple: Bridge And Roll Mount Escape Variation
Black Belt Magazine: Bob Wall Part 2
CSW Training Center: Erik Paulson Shows A Quick Pass Ot Half Guard
BJJ Heroes: Eduardo Santoro “Portuguese” (Cia Paulista)
On The Mat: Guard Game Variety – An Interview With Jake Mackenzie
Bloody Elbow: Bas Rutten Breaks Down Why Alistair Overeem Was Ko’d By Bigfoot Silva
Graciemag: How About A Half-Guard Sweep USing The Knee?
BishopBJJ.com: BishopBJJ.com Podcast #1