July 2, 2013

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BJJ Addict TV: BJJ Escapes And Scrambles – Jeff Glover Case Study
Bloody Elbow: The Good And The Bad Of Anderson Silva’s Grappling
Active Life DC: An Interview With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Luis Pantoja
Inside BJJ: #87 – Gracie Worlds 2013
Open Mat JJ: Review Of How To Defeat The Bigger, Stronger Opponent
Jiu Jitsu Family: Arm Drag From The Guard
Graciemag: It’s Cat Zingano’S Birthday. Let’s Learn From Her!
Bloody Elbow: Anderson Silva – I Don’t Think I Can Defeat Jon Jones
BJJ Hacks: “Let Your Jiu-Jitsu Flow” – Clark Gracie
Knuckle Up: #463 Anderson Silva’s BJJ
BJJ Heroes: Families In BJJ
Gracie Barra: Tips To Succeed In Your First 30 Days Of Jiu Jitsu
Fighters Only: Legacy – A Roger Gracie Mini Documentary
Examiner: 4 Movements That Will Help Your BJJ Game
Dstryr/Sg: World’s Most Knowledgable Grappler You Never Heard Of – Larry Hartsell
Graciemag: Tibau Trains In The Gi For UFC 164 – ‘I Was Drifting From The Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu’