July 24, 2013

Gameness: Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho Teaches A BJJ Guard Pass
Evolve University: Triangle Choke From The Spider Guard
Lockflow: Jiu Jitsu Priest – Now With English Translation
Mike Rethmeyer: Move Of The Week – Tornado Throw
Breaking Muscle: BJJ & MMA Workouts – Cycle 1
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Gi Review – MKimono Hybrid
Bloody Elbow: MMA Origins – Revenge Of The Striker
Gracie Barra: Professor Magid Hage’s Famous Baseball Choke
Juggling Jiu-Jitsu: Just The Gi Top Podcast – Episode 3
Dstryr/Sg: Your Sambo Tomoe Nage Is Connected To The Juji Gatame