June 18, 2013

Metamoris: Ralek Gracie On Metamoris, Brendan Schaub And The New Rules
Bloody Elbow: Ralek Apologizes For Brendan Schaub Match, Announces New Rules
Damage Control: Arm Bar From Long Range
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Knee Lock Defense
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Defense Against Attack From The Back
Ken Primola: Grappling Sport Specific Hurdle Hop Tip
Mark Massey: Escaping Bottom Half-Guard USing Hip Shift And Knee Ride
Gracie Barra: 6 BJJ Techniques From The Top Position
Gameness: Mario “The Zen Machine” Sperry Instructs A Unique Choke From Half Guard
Dstryr/Sg: You’ll Never Gatame – Arm Attacks From Judo
Bloody Elbow: James Krause Stunned By $100,000 Night
Meerkatsu: Real Jiu Jitsu Lives – Matt ‘1Legshort’ Swartz
BJJ Heroes: Guto Monteiro