June 26, 2013

Revolution BJJ: A One-Armed Guide To Jiu-Jitsu – Part 2
Ken Primola: Single Leg Defense Drill
Tap Out 101: Joao And Paulo Miyao Get There Black Belts
BJJ Library: Mount Survival And Mount Elbow Escape
Graciemag: Rodolfo Puts Away His Gi And Thinks Of Beating Lister, Buchecha In China
Gameness: Mario Sperry Teaches A Gi Collar Choke
Graciemag: Celebrate Rafael Lovato Jr’s 30Th Birthday Learning A Guard Pass
Open Mat MMA: Ostap Manastyrski – Guard Retention 101 – Defending The X-Pass
Dstryr/Sg: It’s The Counter That Counts – Countering That Osoto
Low Kick MMA: Royce Likes Diaz Brothers Because They Never Walk Away From A Fight
BJJ Heroes: Luzia Fernandes