June 3, 2013

Valerie Worthington: Great Expectations – The Truth About Gender Stereotypes In Grappling
MMA Fighting: Dave Camarillo On Judo In MMA And The Challenge Of Ronda Rousey
Bleacher Report: Ronda Responds To Camarillo’s Assessment On Her Grappling Skill
Bloody Elbow: Ronda And Mother Not Pleased With Camarillo’s Assessment
BJJ Hacks: Red Belts Of BJJ – Reyson Gracie Interview Preview
Brandon Quick: The Alamo Roll
Brandon Quick: Wrist Lock Vs Bicep Control
JJ Pugsley: BJJ Counter To Kimura Defense
Graciemag: Keenan Cornelius Talks About The Match With Paulo Miyao
BJJ Library: Terere Seminar – Safada Takedown
Brandon Quick: X Guard Pass
Clockwork BJJ: Flower Sweep
Richmond BJJ: Top Half-Guard Chokes And Back Take
Mark Massey: Scissor Sweep To Bow & Arrow Choke
Graciemag: The Decisive Moments Of The Two Semifinals
Manila Standard Today: Brazilian Grabs World Title At One Fc
Inner BJJ: Books Every BJJ’er Should Read
BJJ Heroes: BJJ Worlds 2013 Results
Jayjitsu: A Discussion On The Open Guard
Jayjitsu: Open Guard Zones, Grip Fighting And Tactics
Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Out Of UFC 161 Due To Back Injury
Inside BJJ: #83 – Rose Gracie & Brent Littell
Gracie Mag: The Black-Belt Female Champions Of Every Class
Lockflow: This Might Just Be The Coolest Kneebar You’ve Ever Seen