June 7, 2013

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Science Of Skill: Marcelo Garcia Vs. Cobrinha – The Breakdown
Of Cupcakes n Armbars: Learning From Pan Asians 2013 Manila – Having A Gameplan
Bloody Elbow: Metamoris II – Injury Forces Cornelius Out, Teammate JT Torres Steps In
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Gameness: Does Training In Gi Make Your Nogi Better?
Bishop BJJ: 10 Things Learned At The 2013 Jiu Jitsu World Championship
dstryrsg: Catch-As-Catch-Caught You In An Arm Drag To Arm Triangle
MileHighMMANetwork: Omoplata Series With Bryan Waltz
Tap Out 101: Murilo Bustamante – BJJ Vs Luta Livre
Graciemag: 2013 Worlds – Otávio Sousa’s Discipline At Middleweight
Beyond Grappling: Deashi Into Seoi Otoshi Combination By Mohan Bam
Valente Brothers: Helio Gracie, The Teacher
BJJ Library: Xande At Copa Podio 2 Behind-The-Scenes
This Week In BJJ: Episode 36 With Braulio Estima And Victor Estima