March 9, 2013

Shoyoroll: Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra – Half Guard Pass To North South Baseball Choke
Ricardo Cavalcanti: De La Riva Pass / Half Guard Attacks
Mike Rethmeyer: Elevator Sweep To Armbar
Science Of Skill: Knee Injuries In BJJ – Heel Hook
Bishop BJJ: Omoplata To 50/50 Guard Armbar
Bloody Elbow: UFC Champ Dominick Cruz, Brandon Vera Cut Ties With Team Lloyd Irvin
Tapout 101: UFC To Be Pumped Full Of Elite Brazilian MMA Welterweights
BJJ Legends: Gear Review – Bersurker Rashguard & Muninn Fight Shorts
Aesopian BJJ: How Long It Takes To Get A Black Belt
Great Grappling: North South Submission Kimura
Fuel TV: Best Of Pride – Sakuraba Vs Macias
Lloyd Irvin: The BJJ Kumite Episode 4 – The Finale
Bloody Elbow: MMA Origins: Russian Revolution