May 4, 2013

This Week In BJJ: Episode 34
Samir Seif: 3 BJJ Variations Of Kimura Lock
Choke MMA Podcast: Ep 2 – UFC 159 Reaction
Dstryrsg: Get Smart With Einstein’s One-Arm Choke
Bishop BJJ: The Leg Drag Pass – 3 Masters From 3 Generations Jim Miller Vs. Charles Oliveira – Kneebar Breakdown
On The Mat: Imanari And The Unstoppable MMA Leg Lock
Pendergrass Academy: 3 Drills For Forward Throws Including Drop Seoi Nage
Kurt Osiander: Open Guard Pass
Ze Grapplez: Leg Weave/Terrere 7 Point Pass To Mount
Bloody Elbow: Diego Sanchez On Ben Henderson, ‘I Wasn’t Impressed…Holes In His Game’
BJJ Legends: Modern Jiu Jitsu – Full Set Breakdown
Bloody Elbow: Costa Philippou Suffers Facial Cut, Out Of Fight With ‘Jacare’ Souza