November 1, 2013

Robson Moura: Guard Pass To Rolling Triangle Or Back Take
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Taking The Back /Foot On Hips Defense
Bloody Elbow: BE’s Baddest MMA G.O.A.T. Tournament: #2 B.J. Penn Vs. #7 Rickson Gracie
Jason Scully: 23 Positional Escapes In Just 11 Min – Side Control, Scarf Hold
Stephan Kesting: 5 Reasons To Grapple In A Streetfight
Gracie Barra: Interview: Otavio Sousa
Slideyfoot: Deep ‘Relson’ Grip Collar Choke In Closed Guard
Jiu Jiu: 21 BJJ Improvements: 17 Looking At Life Differently
BJJ Breakdown: Flying Leg Drag – Isaac Doederlein