November 17, 2013

Graciemag: Help Fund Relief Efforts In Philippines With These Seminars/Charity Events
MMA Belleville: The First Video Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In 1912
Renato Tavares: Sweep Variation From The X-Guard
Rich Castro: Neil Melanson – Mastering The Triangle
TWIBJJ: Ep 46 With Kid Peligro
Ken Primola: Knee Shield Guard Recovery (When Opponent Grabs Collar)
Alan Belcher: Max Bishop: How To Perform A Kneebar From Half Guard
Robson Moura: Problem Solver Armlock From Mount
Ryan Clements: Lesson #11: The Perpetual Feedback Loop
Like Wrestling, Only Meaner: Jiu Jitsu Math – Why It Doesn’t Always Work
Chewjitsu: Half Guard Sweep Against A Wrestler With An Overhook Sumi Gaeshi Royce Gracie “I Am A Product Of My Fathers Work.”
Bloody Elbow: Thales Leites Outgrapples Ed Herman On Way To Decision Victory
Bloody Elbow: Donald Cerrone Submits Evan Dunham With A Triangle
Learn To Grapple: Knee Pick From Russian