November 6, 2012

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu: Half Guard Pass
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Submission Roll Under Triangle
Bloody Elbow: Biggest College Wrestling Match Maybe Ever: Kyle Dake Vs. David Taylor
Dstryr/sg: Make A Specterow Of Your Opponent
Lex Fridman: Training Hard When Life Tries To Get In The Way
Inside BJJ: #50 – Cris “Cybrog” Santos
Graciemag: Meet The Black Belt No-gi World Champions
Gracie Barra: Spreading Jiu-jitsu To The World Part 2
Graciemag: Augusto Tanquinho And JT Torres At The Worlds No-gi
Graciemag: Abu Dhabis Trials – Stages In Miami And Even Hawaii
Graciemag: Watch Caio Terra Running Roughshod Through World No-gi Championship