November 6, 2013

Revolution BJJ: Notes In BJJ Class: A New Method
Georgette: Jury Hangs On Remaining Misdemeanors, Schultz Granted A Mistrial
Dstryr/Sg: Judo Newaza Looks A Lot Like BJJ
Ruben Alvarez: Move Of The Day
No Holds Barred: John Perretti Counters The Amnesia And Deceit On MMA History
Shoyoroll Presents: Alberto Crane – Arm Bar From Back Control
Evolve MMA: Rafael Dos Anjos Teaches A Sneaky Setup For Ground And Pound
Gracie Barra: Training Etiquette
Jiu Jiu: 21 BJJ Improvements: 19 Loud Voice
Bloody Elbow: Royce Gracie Implores Younger Gracies To Concentrate On Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Bloody Elbow: Renzo Gracie Chides Royce For Not Helping This Generation Of Gracie Fighters
Bishop BJJ: Apocalypse Miyao: Miyao Brother Black Belt Breakdown