October 18, 2013

Take It Uneasy: Episode 12 – Ricardo Migliarese On The Lion And The Fox
Brian Mclaughlin: Confessions Of A Weight Cutter
BJJ Library: Jeff Glover – Torreando Counter With Arm Drag Or Rollover Sweep
Samuel Spiegelman: The Hidden Benefits Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Stuart Cooper Films: Braulio Estima Vs Andre Galvao Super Fight Countdown Show
BJJ.Org: Living On The Edge – Bas Ruttens’ Risky Guard Escape & Pass
Jiu Jiu BJJ: 21 BJJ Improvements – Meeting Amazing Women
Tess Kielhamer: Basic Escapes From Ground Positions Tutorial
TX MMA: 2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Preview
BJJ.Org: Babu BJJ Armlock Tips
Kid Peligro: ADCC 2013 Thru The Competitors Eyes
Dstryr/Sg: Switchin From BJJ To Wrastin’ – The Switch Game
Skirt On The Mat: Confessions Of A Jiu Jitsu Addict And Maintaining A Balance
Graciemag: ADCC – Leo Leite Out Due To Cut On The Chin
Gracie Barra: Half Guard Pass Taking The Back
Tattooed Chimp: Respect The Tap
MMA Kanvas: The Incredible Tale Of Bibiano Fernandes
BJJ Legends: Review – Gentle Chief Rashguard By 93 Brand