October 23, 2014

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Graciemag: “History Of Submission Fighting” Documentary To Be Released In The Fall Of 2015
Ze Grapplez: Post Tournament Reflections: US Grappling’s Diamond State Games/Delaware
Gracie Barra: Drills That You Should Not Take For Granted
Lex Fridman: Losing Is Valuable When Winning Is Everything: Why I Compete
Anthony Argyros: Technique Of The Week – 100 Kilo Wristlock
BJJ Highlights: Jonathan “JT” Torres BJJ Highlights
Great Grappling: Helicopter Choke
BJJ Scout Bsides: Japanese Necktie Bsides – Deleted Scenes
Bloody Elbow: Werdum On Mark Hunt: ‘I Can’t Say He’s An Easier Opponent Than Velasquez’