October 31, 2013

BJJ Scout: Michelle Nicolini Guard Study Part 1: Shin-On-Shin Situp Sweep
Fightland: Kron Gracie On Jiu-Jitsu, Skateboarding, Older Brothers, And Famous Fathers
Wrestlejitsu: Justin Rader
Grapplers Planet: IBJJF 2013 No Gi Worlds Breakdown
Fresh Ground Grappling: Gabi The Goliath, And Men Vs. Women
Graciemag: Michelle Nicolini On Changed BJJ Training To Win ADCC
MMA Fight DB: Triangle Choke Trigonometry: How Important Is Fighter Height?
Jiu Jiu: 21 BJJ Improvements: 16 Physical Outlet
Verbal Tap: Episode 45 With Josh Hill And Julianna Pena
Eat Films: Fernando Terere: My Salvation
Graciemag: Watch Rubens Cobrinha Vs. Rafael Mendes
Tap Out 101: Roger Gracie Choke Tutorial With James Haskell
Dstryr/Sg: Hip Hop, Chess, Jiu Jitsu And Dstryr/Sg
BJJ Legends: Gi Review: 5 Borough Gi (A3L) By Ronin Brand
Ken Primola: BJJ Guard Engagement Drilling
Breaking Muscle: Product Review: Gameness Female Top Dog Rashguard
No Holds Barred: Kyle Dake And The Rebirth Of Real Professional Wrestling