May 21, 2013

Ricardo Cavalcanti: Armbar From Knee On Belly
Felipe Costa: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Overcoming Barriers And Uniting People
Jayjitsu: Comparing Jiu-Jitsu To The Game Of Chess
adcombat: Checkmat BJJ Leader Leo Vieira Talks Worlds 2013
dstryrsg: Chain Drills, Expansion And Contraction, “Grapple Katas” And Legos
BJJ Legends: Marcus “Buchecha” BJJ DVD Set Footage
Inner BJJ: Ultimate Secrets To BJJ Drilling
Bloody Elbow: Blackzilians Owner Opens Up On Belfort’s Work Ethic, Future Plans
Inside BJJ: #81 – Robson Moura
Bloody Elbow: Metamoris II Organizer Ralek Gracie Talks Match Making, Judges, Rules
MMA Fighting: Jacare Heard Chris Camozzi’s Neck ‘Snapping’
BJJ Heroes: Gracie Humaita Academy
Jayjitsu: The Jiu-Jitsu Skeptic

May 18, 2013

Pendergrass Academy: Charuto – Spider Guard To Triangle/Omoplata Set Up
Grapplers Planet: Pendulum Sweep Variation
Roli Delgado: Straight Ankle Lock Counter Offensive With Roli Delgado
Brea Jiu-Jitsu: Drilling Dlr Recovery To Berimbolo – Work In Progress
Jits Magazine: Chris Weidman – Body Control And Banana Split
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation #13 – Witness New Or Rare Match-Ups From Top Athletes
Tap Out 101: Mendes Brothers Interview
Ze Grapplez: Rafael Lovato Jr. Pressure Passing System – Guard Passing Section Review
Daniel Faggella: No-Gi BJJ Triangle Choke Highlight
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – Lightning Bolt Xande
Metamoris: Countdown – Michelle Nicolini Vs Mackenzie Dern
Science Of Skill: Learn The BJJ Berimbolo
Lockflow: The Language Of Madness
BJJ.Org: Ralek Gracie & Metamoris – Changing The Grappling Competition Scene
On The Mat: Nicholas Gregoriades Of The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Interview
BJJ Legends: The Berimbolo – Evolving The BJJ Game
Part Time Grappler: Improving Your Jiujitsu Beyond Basic Understanding And Performance

May 17, 2013

Valerie Worthington: More Is More – What If We Believe There’s Enough To Go Around?
Revolution BJJ: 5 Ways BJJ Changed My Life Off The Mat
Yahoo Sports: Florida Mayors Plan To Settle Their Differences Inside A Cage
Tap Out 101: Flying Armbar
Stephan Kesting: How To Stop The Elbow Grind Vs Thighs In Closed Guard
Grapplers Planet: Endurance For Grappling – How To
Bloody Elbow: Shinya Aoki Breaks Down His Submission Win Over Kotetsu Boku
Reddit: TIL Guy Ritchie Is A Brown Belt
Bloody Elbow: Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza And Passing The Guard
BJJ Addict Radio: Chris Brennan Interview
BJJ Heroes: Luiz Dias (GAS)

May 16, 2013

Bleacher Report: Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva: Perfectly Flawed
Kid Peligro: Word From Mike Fowler
Gameness: Top BJJ Contenders For The 2013 World Championship
Samir Seif: Quick Kimura Attack From The Guard
Dstryrsg: Attack That Turtle With Impunity
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation #11 – See How Two Young Stars Debut At Black Belt
Gentle Art: Standing Guard Passing – The 3 Rules
Breaking Muscle: How To Spot A Toxic Martial Arts Club Environment
Graciemag: 10 Questions The 2013 Worlds Will Probably Answer
Team Spider Monkey BJJ: Underwater Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – The Year Of Margarida Match Breakdown – Kennan Cornelius Vs. Weam Motei
On The Mat: Breakdown – Keenan Cornelius Vs. Rodolfo Vieira (Infamous Match)
Bloody Elbow: The Best And Worst Of Vitor Belfort

May 15, 2013

Bishop BJJ: Omoplata Armbar! (Breakdown Of Competition Footage)
Mark Massey: Hip Escape Drill With Standing Partner
Mark Massey: Rodeo Turnover From Opponent’s Turtle Andre Galvao Talks Worlds 2013
Graciemag: Lucas Leite Excited For The Worlds
Inner BJJ: Ultimate Dirty BJJ Tactics (Not Competition Safe)
Meerkatsu Art: Jiu-Jitsu Drug Warning T-Shirt
Gracie Academy: The Principles Of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu With Rener Gracie The Most Thorough Shoyoroll Fifty/50 BJJ Gi Review Ever
Ze Grapplez: Clever Jiujitsu Marketing – The Snug-Gi
Gracie Way: Ep 14 Featuring Ronda, Lyoto, Schaub, CM Punk
BJJ Workouts: Ground-Based Conditioning Circuit For BJJ
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Ground Game Titan
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – Never Repeated Tererê

May 14, 2013

MMA Surge: Arm Trap From Guard
On The Mat: Metamoris II – Exclusive Ralek Gracie Interview
Keep It Playful: Training Tip
Cage Potato: Pat Barry Armbarred His Doppelganger At BJJ Tournament
Ground Never Misses: Leg Lock Mastery W/ Daniel Faggella Review Marcelo Garcia On Getting Mean Rear Naked Chokes
Gracie Barra: Knowing Your Jiu Jitsu Fighting Style
Inside BJJ: #80 – Luiz Claudio & Thiago Veiga
Slideyfoot: Website Review – MGinaction (Marcelo Garcia)
All Things BJJ: Rener Gracie Remix “The Switch”

May 13, 2013

Valerie Worthington: How To Take Useful Notes In BJJ Class
Grapplearts: BJJ Lessons From A Sushi Master
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation #9 – See What Champions Change The Black Belt Rankings
Aries Xecutioner: Limitless BJJ Calf Slicer And Guillotine Choke
Ken Primola: Thinking In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – Pioneer Penn & Relentless Rafael
Fighters.Com: Renzo Gracie – “Everything I See I See Through Jiu Jitsu Eyes”
Jiu Jiu: BJJ And Gender – Group Responsibility Vs Individual Freedom

May 12, 2013

Mark Massey: Jump Scissor Takedown With Kneebar
Mark Massey: Helicopter Mount Drill
Mark Massey: Rolling Collar Choke From Opponent’s Turtle
Hello Japan: How To Get DQ’d In BJJ – Eye Gouging, Groin Strikes, More
Kid Peligro: Rickson V Rolls – Rare Footage Of The Two Legends Sparring
Bloody Elbow: Gods Of War – Gokor Chivichyan
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Grab & Pull Premium V2
BJJ Eastern Europe: Interview With Andre Borges, The Man Behind BJJheroes.Com
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Attacks From Open Guard