August 10, 2013

Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Turtle Technique
Bloody Elbow: MMA Fan’s Guide To Grappling – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Grapplearts: How To Stabilise Mount Against A Bigger, Stronger Opponent
Bleacher Report: 37 Fighters Poised To Replace The UFC’s Current Top-Tier Talent
Inside BJJ: #92 – Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes
Graciemag: 2013 ADCC – Rafael Mendes Aims At Royler’s Record At -66Kg
Bloody Elbow: Nakapan Phungephorn Files Motion To Dismiss In MMA Millionaires Lawsuit
Artechoke Books: Magny Vs. Moraes – Underhooks And Snowballs
MMA Kanvas: After Magalhaes Ko, 40 Year Old Perosh Says He’S Still ‘Getting Better’

August 9, 2013

Bishop BJJ: Live Jiu Jitsu Mistakes Volume #1
Gameness: Dealing With Injury Time
Kid Peligro: ADCC 2013 – Who’s In… Who’s Out
Choke MMA Show: Ep 6 – The Great Phil Davis Vs. Lyoto Machida Argument
Graciemag: Vinny Magalhaes – ‘If The UFC Doesn’t Renew My Contract, I’ll Stop Fighting’
No Holds Barred: Brazilian Women’s Group Opposes Mass. Commission Licensing Sonnen
BJJ One News: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take BJJ Private Lessons
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Creonte – Guest Article
Inner BJJ: Sergio Moraes Breakdown UFC 163
Open Mat Radio: Episode 78 – Henry Akins

August 7, 2013

Pendergrass Academy: Open Guard Sweep To X Pass
Jason Scully: Guard Retention Concepts For Grapplers And BJJ Players
Stephan Kesting: Common No Gi Takedown Mistakes
Stephan Kesting: The Most Important Concept For No Gi Takedowns
Bishop BJJ: Podcast #8 – Kyle Watson – Jiu Jitsu Growth
Breaking Muscle: Battling Ropes – Just Another Fad?
Lex Fridman: The Terrible And Wonderful Reasons Why I Train Jiu Jitsu
Skirt On The Mat: Rhonda Rousey Talks About Likelihood Of Competing In BJJ Tournament
Gameness: Caio Terra Teaches A Butterfly Guard Sweep To Mount
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Platinum Jiu Jitsu The Grenada
On The Mat: Special Gracie Breakdown – The Zombie’s Twister
Bloody Elbow: Old School MMA Review – UFC 5 – Dan Severn Mauls Tournament
Bloody Elbow: North American Catch Wrestling Association To Hold First Grappling Tourney
Sally Arsenault: Preview – Fenom’s White Pearl Weave Gi

August 6, 2013

Roy Dean Academy: White To Black – The Kimura
Skirt On The Mat: Jiu Jitsu Hygiene Etiquette Tips
Inside BJJ: #91 – Liam Wandi, Nate Mendelsohn, & Leticia Ribeiro
Beyond Grappling: 3 Fancy Loop Chokes For Love Judo Magazine
Graciemag: What Submission Do White Belts Love Most?
Dstryr/Sg: Knee Cutter – The Other Guard Repellent
Science Of Skill: 3 Tips To Balancing BJJ Training, Work, And Life
Graciemag: Report – Roger Gracie Not Offered Contract Extension Following UFC Loss
BJJ Pix: Kyra Gracie On Encontro Brazilian TV Show
This Week In BJJ: Episode 39 – Jack Taufer And Andrew Wooten
Rod Bourgoine: A Few Jiu-Jitsu Chokes You Should Learn
TX MMA: How Training BJJ Helped A Young Girl Get Past A Terrible Car Accident

August 4, 2013

Science Of Skill: Lightweight BJJ Spotlight – Jeff Cummings (Team Alliance)
BJJ Addict TV: Armbar Escape – The “Running Man”
Josh Vogel Art: #whitebeltproblems Volume 6 – Should I Watch Videos?
Shogun HQ: Details On The Single Leg Takedown
Graciemag: Ricardo Cavalcanti Promotes 150 Students At Carlson Gracie Las Vegas
Breaking Muscle: 12 Reps With Sally Arsenault, BJJ Coach And Competitor
The Fight Nerd: Old School MMA Review – UFC 6 – Clash Of The Titans
Jon Jitsu: The 99:1 Rule
Yahoo: Submissions Are The Route For Demetrious Johnson And Other UFC Flyweights

August 3, 2013

Mike Rethmeyer: Deep Half Guard To Back Control
Meerkatsu: Ten More Gross Things That Happen In BJJ
Gameness: Common Jiu-Jitsu Injuries And How To Avoid Them
Graciemag: Jiu-Jitsu – The Art Of Drilling
Jay Jitsu: North-South Escapes For Jiu-Jitsu
Garden State BJJ: Powerful Ankle Lock From Modified X-Guard
BJJ Mind: Are You Frustrated By Jiu Jitsu?
Kid Peligro: Kron Gracie In Vogue Magazine
Grapplearts: Rafael Lovato Jr. On Training And Competing In BJJ
MMA Kanvas: Maia, Werdum, Mir And The Top Five BJJ Practitioners In MMA

August 2, 2013

Ricardo Cavalcanti: Half Guard Pass / Bicep Lock
Bishop BJJ: The Evil Jiu Jitsu Truth – 3 Ways To Prevent Regression
Richmond BJJ Academy: De La Riva Guard Back Take
Technique Prevails: 4 Ways To Know Your Opponent Is Going To Shoot
Breaking Muscle: Mobility Work Reduces Risk Of Injury For Fighters
Graciemag: Leandro Lo And The Art Of Infinite Stamina: ‘You Must Pace Yourself’
Dstryr/Sg: Listen To Robson Moura And Stop Sucking At Tournaments
Breaking Muscle: 6 Tips For Getting Stronger While Staying Free From Injury