October 11, 2013

Skirt On The Mat: Eulogy For My Favorite Gi Top
Graciemag: Jake Shields Upsets Demian Maia
Globe And Mail: Maia’s UFC Title Aspirations Put In Peril After Split-Decision Loss To Shields
Jiu Jiu BJJ: 21 BJJ Improvements – 1 Body Awareness
Newsday: Jon Fitch Vs. Paulo Miyao At World Jiu-Jitsu Expo
Dstryr/Sg: Chris Brennan X Toby Imada
BJJ Legends: Paragon Austin – Continuance Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Excellence
Breaking Muscle: Ice Therapy Beneficial For Pain But Not Performance

October 10, 2013

Dirty White Belt: I Am Designing A Gi
BJJ Legends: Gear Review – Datsusara Hemp Shorts
Jiu Jitsu Blues: The High Cost Of BJJ
No Holds Barred: Coach George Hero On Midwood Wrestling Exhibition
Bleacher Report: Eye Poke – The Oldest Trick In The Book
Reddit: This Is Rener Gracie. AMA!
Inner BJJ: The BJJ Contrarian
Graciemag: #199 – Valuable Lessons On The Lasso Guard
Eli Knight: Dafirma Kimono Review
Kid Peligro: Rodolfo Vieira Injured And Out Of ADCC And World Jiu-Jitsu Expo
Bloody Elbow: Rousimar Palhares Submits Mike Pierce In 31 Seconds

October 9, 2013

Cageside: Interview With CJ Murdock
Travis Stevens: How I Mentally Prepare For Judo/BJJ Competitions
Gi Freak: Branding In BJJ – Mastering Criticism
Bloody Elbow: B.J. Penn Retains Mike Dolce To Help Him Make Featherweight
BJJ Addict TV: Submitting Larger Opponents USing Chokes
Tattooed Chimp: Does Jiu-Jitsu Make You Weird?
Simon Head: Interview – Jake Humphrey And Michael Owen
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Armbar From Spider Guard / Foot On Hips
John Logan: Weird Guard Passing
Ivey League MMA: Attacking With The Kimura – BJJ Tips From Danny Ives
Bloody Elbow: Demian Maia Looking For Title Shot With Win Over Jake Shields
Jon Jitsu: The Value Of Competition
Graciemag: Marcelo Garcia Train Takedowns With UFC 167′s Johny Hendricks
Graciemag: ADCC – Bernardo Faria Out, Leo Leite Steps In
Bloody Elbow: Personality Closeup – 25 Fun Questions With Phil Baroni
Graciemag: Rico Bastos – “Be A World Champion With Basic Jiu-Jitsu”
Gameness: BJJ Black Belt Competitor And Referee, Stephen Hall, Instructs Tournament Tips
Bishop BJJ: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Bishops

October 8, 2013

Beyond Grappling: Abe’s Juji Gatame Breakdown
Cage Pages: Demian Maia Vs. Jake Shields Will Be A Ground War
Low Kick MMA: Was Royce Gracie Too Critical Of Roger Gracie?
MMAfighting.com: Ray Mancini, Boxers Who Criticize Mixed Martial Arts ‘Have No Clue’
Bloody Elbow: Nick Lembo Talks Weigh Ins Following Death Of Brazilian Fighter
bjj.org: Key Stratagies In Sweeping Larger And Stronger Opponents
Shoyoroll: What Jiu-Jitsu Does For Me
Skirt On The Mat: Attending BJJ Class While Injured
Gracie Barra: The Camp Master – Draculino
Resilience Jiu Jitsu: Zen And The Art Of Teaching

October 7, 2013

Dirty White Belt: This Video Will Get You Fired Up To Train
Slideyfoot: DVD Review – Black Belt Requirements (Roy Dean)
Graciemag: Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belt And UFC Fighter Jake Shields Tours Brazil
Jiujitsupedia: Knee Through Counter To X Guard
Pedro Sauer Jiu-Jitsu: Rickson Gracie Putting Red/Black Belt On Pedro Sauer
Bloody Elbow: Roger Gracie Responds To Royce Gracie’s Criticism Of New Generation
Side Control: What Is A Complete Jiu-Jitsu?
Tattooed Chimp: Injuries
This Week In BJJ: Episode 43 – Keenan Cornelius & Michael Liera Jr
Bloody Elbow: Megumi Fuji Retires On A Loss Following Eye Injury
Yahoo Sports: Liz Carmouche Continues Quest For Another Title Shot
Bloody Elbow: Top 10 Submissions In UFC History

October 6, 2013

Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Butterfly Guard Pass
Underground: BJJ Lessons For MMA – Beating Bigger Fighters
BJJ Addict TV: Stephen Whittier Is Here To Help You
Tattooed Chimp: Etiquette
Sports Illustrated: Shields Thinks He Can Do To Maia What No One Has Done Before
Ryan Jones Films: I Am Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Trailer
Jiu Jitsu Mania: Hail Mary Sweep
The Jiu Jitsu Blues: Rolling With White Belts
Dstryr/Sg: Behold, The “Guarda Hibrida” (Hybrid Guard)
Graciemag: UFC Submission Of The Week – George Sotiropoulos Kimuras Joe Lauzon
BJJ Eastern Europe: Instructor Comments On Velasquez & Rockhold Promotion To Black Belt
No Holds Barred: Bibiano Fernandes On His October 18 One FC Fight
Bloody Elbow: Renzo Gracie Gives Dana White Answer As To Why He Wants To Fight Again

October 5, 2013

Bishop BJJ: Takedown Blue Print
Gracie Barra: Starting To Learn – The Blue Belt Entrepreneur – Perseverance
Gracie Barra: Taking Care Of Your Mind Is Jiu-Jitsu – 6 Tips On How To Become ‘Tougher’
Jiu Jitsu Mag: Cain Velasquez Promoted To BJJ Black Belt By Leandro Vieira
Tattooed Chimp: The Secret To Getting Good At Jiu-Jitsu
MMA Word: Speed Training For MMA
Graciemag: Dean Lister Talks ADCC Camp; Retirement From Grappling
BJJ Eastern Europe: Top 10 Most Controversial “Team Switchers” In Jiu-Jitsu History
BJJ Scandinavia: Mauricio Gomes – “Nowadays Nobody Tries Takedowns Anymore”
Tattooed Chimp: You Should Be Able To Get Something Out Of Every Roll
MMA Frenzy: Top 6 Submission Specialists On Tap At UFN 29
Grapplearts: John Perretti, MMA Matchmaker
Sherdog: Second Edition Of World Jiu-Jitsu Expo To Feature A Host Of Luminaries
Graciemag: B.J. Penn Hires Mike Dolce To Prepare For UFC Fight With Frankie Edgar
Bleacher Report: BJJ Legend Robert Drysdale Makes UFC Debut Vs. Cody Donovan At UFC 167

October 4, 2013

bjj.org: Leg Locks To Defeat Bigger And Stronger Opponents
On The Mat: Interview with Dan Faggella
BJJ Scout: Positional Studies – Sit Up Sweeps
Eli Knight: Instant Gratification In Jiu-Jitsu & Other Martial Arts
Eli Knight: How Important Are BJJ Solo Drills?
BJJ Surveys: Results – BJJ Demographics
bjj.org: Knee On Belly Mobility Drills
Dstryr/Sg: When The Luta Livre Half Guard Attacks, You Should Pay Attention
Applied MMA: Art Of Baiting For BJJ
Graciemag: Rodrigo Cavaca Announces Departure From Checkmat
Graciemag: Valente Brothers Host Tribute To 100 Years Of Helio Gracie With 300 Guests
Graciemag: Vinicius Draculino Shows Spider-Guard Sweep To Knee-On-Belly
Fightline: Joe Rogan Calls Jake Shields-Demian Maia A “Dream Matchup”
Gracie Barra: Attack From The Turtle Position – Video Lesson With Professor Robert Hill
WSYR: 7-Year-Old Girl Starts Project To Collect Gis For Children
Fightland: Defining Moment – Royce’s First Challenge
KIII TV: Defending Yourself Against An Attack
Grappling Weekly: Check Out This Deep Half Guard Sweep From Celsinho
No Holds Barred: Mark Pavelich On MFC 38 – Behind Enemy Lines
Jiu Jiu BJJ: Starting Jiu Jitsu Late In Life
Cia Paulista JJ: Benefits Of Jiujitsu
BJJ Ronin: Submissions From Stretch Guard

October 3, 2013

Last Ronin: Interview With Eco-Friendly BJJ Company – The Green Gi
Panda BJJ: The Green Gi Custom Hemp Belt
Slideyfoot: Teaching – Bridging Back Escape
bjj.org: The Legend Marcelo Garcia Retires
Bloody Elbow: Jared Rosholt Brings His Impressive Wrestling Background To The UFC
MMA Word: Dana White And Anderson Silva On Cutting Weight
Bleacher Report: Demian Maia And The Beauty Of Jiu-Jitsu
Rant Sports: Will Demian Maia Keep His Momentum Going Against Jake Shields?
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Half Guard Pass / Attack From The Back
Connection Rio: How To Get Sponsorship To Train BJJ In Rio
BJJ Addict TV: Wrestling For BJJ – The Number 1 Takedown For Smaller Grapplers
BJJ Addict TV: Why Training BJJ At An Older Age Can Give You An Edge
Gi Freak: Content Theft In BJJ
Jon Jitsu: Getting Better
Gracie Barra: Learning To Learn – The White Belt Entrepreneur
Graciemag: On The Centenary Of Helio Gracie, 10 Of The Master’s Lessons
Shoyoroll Presents: Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde
Good Men Project: On The Intersection Of Orthodox Judaism And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

October 2, 2013

Richmond BJJ: North-South Kimura Submissions
Gradstop: 5 Lessons From Helio Gracie
Science Of Skill: Dan Faggella’s Book Hits #1 On Amazon
Tattooed Chimp: Stuff You Need To Buy If You Train Jiu-Jitsu
bjj.org: Sweeping Bigger And Stronger Opponents With Ease
Graciemag: Diego Sanchez Gets BJJ Black Belt From Roberto Tussa
Graciemag: Dana White – Evolution Of Martial Arts Has A Lot To Do With Helio Gracie
Ze Grapplez: Marcelo Garcia Talks Retirement
BJJ Addict TV: Roy Dean Black Belt Requirements
BJJ Addict TV: Improving Your Ground Game On A Daily Basis
Bloody Elbow: UFC’s Joe Rogan Rips Commissions, 10 Point Must Scoring
Daddis Training Centers: Best Judo Throws For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Grapplearts: The Easiest Way To Do The Berimbolo
Inside BJJ: #100 – You’re Welcome
Fight Line: Renzo Gracie’s UFC Return Not Looking Promising
Pro Fighting Fans: The Rundown – Maia Vs. Shields
The Last Ronin: Book Review – The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Globetrotter By Christian Graugart
Bleacher Report: 5 Wrestlers We’d Love To See In MMA
Skirt On The Mat: Competition And Watching Students Progress
Fat Guy In A Little Blog: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament Rules And Other Myths