June 17, 2014

Samuel Spiegelman: The Essential Role Of The Ankle In BJJ
Gracie Barra: 7 Habit Of Highly Effective Jiu-Jitsu
Brian Mclaughlin: Stay Thirsty My Friends Jiu-Jitsu Training Post Black Belt
BJJ Heroes: The Open Guard
Part Time Grappler: How To Prevent The Guard Pass And Improve Your Triangle Choke
WB BJJ: “So You Want To Be A BJJ Fighter” By Kristian Woodmansee
Graciemag: 2014 Worlds: Dan Rod’s Unique Point Of View
Graciemag: Remember The Technical Armbar By Alistair Overeem In MMA

June 12, 2014

Pendergrass Academy: Deep Half Guard Sweep
Just The Gi Top: Ep 40 Vj “The Jaguar” Hemenchal
GB Interview: Braulio Estima Makes The IBJJ Hall Of Fame
Grapplearts: Takedowns For People Who Don’t Do Takedowns
Lex Fridman: Ryan Hall – Best Martial Art For Self Defense
No Holds Barred: Catch Wrestling Alliance Interviews
This Week In BJJ: Episode 58 With The Mendes Brothers, Rick Slomba And Mason Monsevais
WB BJJ: Great Counter To The Knee Slice Pass

June 11, 2014

Breaking Muscle Radio: Ep 1 – Valerie Worthington: On BJJ And Life
Graciemag: Have You Seen This Sweep To Armbar By Rodolfo Vieira?
Graciemag: Train Your BJJ Mental Skills With Black Belt Gustavo Dantas
Graciemag: Watch Hannette Staack In A Self Defense Demonstration
The Academy Maine: Preventing Common BJJ And Crossfit Injuries
Meerkatsu: A Short Film
Tap Out 101: Spending 4 Days With Kurt Osiander
Skirt On The Mat: Age And BJJ Competition: Nothing But A Number?
Dstryr/Sg: Master Of Sambo Universe – Igor Yakimov
Bishop BJJ: It’s Science: Royler Gracie (Legends Edition)
Shoyoroll Presents: Michael Liera Jr. & Mike Carbullido
Gracie Barra: BJJ Lifestyle: Dealing With Injuries
Being808: Teaching The ‘Gentle Art’ Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ EE: Jacare On Why He Stop Competing In Jiu Jitsu