November 3, 2012

Valente Brothers TV: Is Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Only Ground Grappling?
International Judo Federation: Highlights From The 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Bloody Elbow: GSP And Smashing Past The Guard
Breaking Muscle: Strength Training For Judo: Part 5 – The FAQ
Business/Judo Of Life: Which Foot Do You Put Forward?
Science Of Skill: Revamping Your Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Game 201
Bishop BJJ: Jiu Jitsu Training Recovery
Jiu-Jiu: Operation Tattered Belt – Proposed Curriculum
Pulling The Line: 2012 World Jiu-jitsu No Gi Championship Analysis
Nathan Mendelsohn: Technique Of The Week #10

November 2, 2012

US Grappling: (Almost) Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Competition
Richmond BJJ Academy: Knee On Belly Attacks
Gracie Barra: Z-guard Pass Taught By Ricardo Almeida
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Super Gold By Bull Terrier
FightLifeTV: Master And Student – Carley Gracie
Graciemag: To The Fans, Leandro Lo, Langhi And Rafa Mendes Top Guard Players
Graciemag: New Issue
Breaking Muscle: Interview With Stephan Kesting: Educating The BJJ World
Slideyfoot: Breaking Spider Guard Grips
Graciemag: IBJJ Pro League: Romulo Barral Is The First Athlete Confirmed
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Pummel To The Back
Kurt Osiander: Berimbolo + Triangle
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Super Gold By Bull Terrier
Valerie Worthington: Poet and MMA Fighter Cameron Conaway, Part 1

Valerie Worthington: Poet and MMA Fighter Cameron Conaway, Part 2

November 1, 2012

Science Of Skill: How Can I Attack The Achilles Without Hurting Myself?
Graciemag: Brazilian No-gi Nationals Champ Teaches Half-guard Sweep
Side Control: Tales From The Weak Side
Gracie Academy: The Art Of Sparring
Bloody Elbow: Blackzilian Series
Dstryr/Sg: Darcin’ From The North South
Tangled Triangle: Big Chicks – Gabi Vs. Marcelo
Grapplearts: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligence Can Make You A Better BJJ Instructor
Revolution BJJ: How To Roll With Women, From A Man’s Perspective
Lex Fridman: Winning, Losing, And Keeping Score In Training
BJJ Pix: Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu – Brothers In Arms
BJJ Pix: Kron Gracie: “I Think What’s Stopping The Sport Is The Grips.”
BJJ Addict Radio: Justin Rader And Victor Estima Interviews
Bleacher Report: Frank Mir Joins Jon Jones’ Team As Jiu-jitsu Coach
Gracie Barra: Fundamentals 2.0 iOS App

October 31, 2012

This Week In BJJ: AJ Albert
Jiu Jitsu Matrix: Ricardo Migliarese Sweep (Hurricane Sandy Move 1)
Teach Me Grappling: Double Under Pass Counter
Jits Magazine: Robson Moura – Cross Guard Back Take – Part 2
Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Fabricio Werdum To Coach TUF Brazil 2
Business / Judo Of Life: Throwing Tip – Outside Leg Sweep
Three Harmonies: Carlos Machado Receives Red/Black Belt From Brothers
Graciemag: Rickson Gracie – “In Today’s MMA, Anything’s An Excuse To Stand It Up”
Jiu-Jiu: BJJ Blogger Memes
Inside BJJ: #49 – Ernest Mello One On One
Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu: Why It’s Important To Be Upfront About Injury In The Martial Arts
BJJ Legends: Review And Mindmap – Modern Jiu Jitsu – Closed Guard
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Entrance And Basic Sweep
BJJ Canvas: The Characteristics Of Success And How To Apply Them
Slideyfoot: Website Review –
Graciemag: ADCC – Traven Requests Chance To “Fix” Most His Disappointing
Graciemag: Chile Gets Its First Abu Dhabis Trials, For South American Fighters Only
BJJ Mind: Born To Grapple. Why Humans Are Better Grapplers Than Runners
Georgette: Guest Post From Brian Mclaughlin – Metamoris Commentary
Open Mat Radio: Episode 43 – Gustavo Dantas Part 1 Rubber Guard Triangle Karl Control Triangle Triangle Choke Off Double Unders Guard Pass

October 30, 2012

Science Of Skill: Re-vamping Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Game 101
Graciemag: Brazilian No-gi Nationals 2012 Photo Gallery
Bloody Elbow: Wanderlei Silva To Return In 2013
Dstryr/sg: More Pics From Metamoris
Three Harmonies: 8th Degree Coral Belt Carlos Machado
Bishop BJJ: BJJ Psychology – Think Positive Under Pressure
Jiu-Jiu: Why It’s Cool To Suck At Jiu Jitsu Inverted Gear Blue Panda Review
Skirt On The Mat: Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Ny 2012 – Featuring More Waiting…
Joshjitsu: US Grappling – Va Beach – Full Writeup
Jeff Wassom: Micro-shrimping
Graciemag: Heaps Of Action And Efficient Jiu-jitsu At Jungle Fight 44
Southern Jiu Jitsu: A Biased View Of The Ryron/galvao Metamoris Pro Match
Gracie Barra: Going For The Arm Lock

October 28, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Jeff Blatnick – A Retrospective Of His Amazing Accomplishments
Bloody Elbow: The Top 10 MMA Fights That Never Happened
Jiu-Jiu: My Love/Hate Relationship With BJJHQ
Graciemag: Further Your Studies To Sweep From Half-guard More Efficiently
Graciemag: Who Can Stop Leandro Lo, The Absolute No Gi Champion Of Brazil? Pyramid Triangle Choke Triangle Choke From Butterfly Guard Triangle Choke From Guard With Wizzer (overhook)

October 27, 2012

Gracie Breakdown: Metamoris Pro Ryron Gracie Vs. Andre Galvao
Dstryr/sg: The French Triangle
Graciemag: Bráulio Estima’s Tough And Gentle Routine Training With Fabio Gurgel
Graciemag: Know How To Escape Mount When The Pressure Rises?
Jiu Jiu: BJJ Blogs – Teasing Out Content
Graciemag: Leandro Lo Wants Rafa Mendes And Cobrinha Before Move To Middle Checkmate – A Review Of Ctrl Industries’ The Knight
BJJ Pix: Checking Up With Lucas Leite
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Side Control Escape / Defense
BJJ In MMA: This Vintage Jiu Jitsu Video Is The Greatest Way To Finish Out The Week

October 26, 2012

KeepItPlayful: Play Sport, Be Street
Bishop BJJ: Jiu Jitsu Psychology: Broaden And Build
Valerie Worthington: 8 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Health And Fitness
Graciemag: Rafael Lovato Jr: “I Want To Show I Am One Of The Best At No Gi As Well!”
Bloody Elbow: Remembering Jeff Blatnick, The Man Who Named Mixed Martial Arts
Graciemag: Take The Back And Finish With Just One Hook In!
Kurt Osiander: One Handed Tech
Graciemag: Want A Bigger Gas Tank For Jiu-jitsu?
Graciemag: Bruno Bastos: “A Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Isn’t An MMA Black Belt”
BJJ Canvas: A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Thought Experiment
Jiu Jitsu Vortex: Demian Maia MMA Retrospective – A BJJ Submission Extravaganza Funk Counter To Single Leg
Jits Magazine: BJJ Cribs With Kim Terra
Gracie Barra: No Gi Worlds Preparation With Ricardo Almeida
BJJ Legends: Mind Map – Ryan Hall’s The Triangle Series
Part Time Grappler: Take The Back From Mount

October 25, 2012

Balance Studios: Road To Balance Black Belt
BJJ Legends: Metamoris Pro In Pictures
Budo Videos: Jeff Glover’s Favorite No Gi Techniques
Jean Jacques Machado: Front Collar Grip Spinning Choke
gb72videos: Triangle Choke Set Up From Closed Guard Using Belt Control Jeff Glover Metamoris Post-fight Interview
Caged Insider: Magalhaes – “Chael Will Submit Jones Off His Back”
BJJ In MMA: An Hour Long Chat With The Real Jason Miller
BJJ In MMA: Miesha Tate Open To BJJ Grappling Match With Kyra Gracie
Ken Primola: One Of A Kind Unique Grappling Artwork
Joshjitsu: BJJ Shopping List
BJJ Pix: Debunking Jiu-Jitsu Myths
BJJ In MMA: Rubens Cobrinha Shows Us How To Improve Our Balance
Jiu Jitsu Lab: Cobrinha In Vancouver
Dstryr/sg: Two Most Important Things In Grappling – Your Grip And Your Core
Tap Tap Tap: Gendered Insults – A Step-by-step Guide To Bad Coaching
Jiu Jiu: Taking Notes In BJJ
Graciemag: Get Up To Speed On Your Lapel Chokes, With Michael Langhi
Skirt On The Mat: The Weird, Mildly NSFW Part Of BJJ Blogging Hakai Kimonos Rip Stop “Vengence” BJJ Gi Review
Jiu Jiu: BJJ Blogging – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
BJJ Addict Radio: Mario Sperry And Hannette Staack