February 27, 2014

Chewjitsu: Wrestling Switch As BJJ Guard Attack
BJJ Heroes: Ian Behring
Fuller Fight Factor: Episode No. 8: Professor Carlos Carvalho And Chris Larkin
Tap Tap Tap: My New Favorite Thing
Wrestlejitsu: The Perfect Double Leg
Gracie Barra: It’s Worth It! 15 Tips For Getting A Black Belt
Bloody Elbow: German Wrestling Bundesliga Looks Awesome, Why Can’t It Work In The USA?
Graciemag: Fabio Gurgel Supports Changes For The Worlds: “The IBJJF Heard The Professors”

February 25, 2014

Valerie Worthington: 4 Ways Submission Grapplers Can Apply Wrestling Concepts
Samuel Spiegelman: The 5 Phases Every BJJ Newbie Has To Go Through
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Double Guard Pull Triangle
Bloody Elbow: Why Rory Macdonald’s Win Over Demian Maia Was The Biggest Of His Career
Great Grappling: North South Choke Counter
Mike Rethmeyer: Kimura Lock
jiujitsunista: BJJ Knees
BJJ Hacks TV: Modern BJJ: Lapel Guard, De La Riva & More With Queixinho
BJJ Heroes: Brasa BJJ Academy
Science Of Skill: Finishing The Match With A Modified Choke From Back Mount
Grappling Weekly: Dean Lister Teaches The Corkscrew Foot Lock

February 22, 2014

Charlotte Observer: Richards Finds Brazilian Jiujitsu Helps Him With His Racing
Bloody Elbow: Finals Of Sambo 2014 Class “A” World Cup In Belarus
Bloody Elbow: Factgrinder: The Wrestling Career Of Daniel Cormier
Graciemag: Joe Rogan And Eddie Bravo Discuss The 2013 ADCC And Its Unique Rules
Structure Of Grace: Positional Dominance: Spine Isolation
Low Kick MMA: Demian Maia Says Experience Will Make The Difference Against Macdonald
Lex Fridman: Annmaria De Mars Interview Takeaways
Bloody Elbow: Rory Macdonald Vs. Demian Maia Preview And The Prognostication
No Holds Barred: Dr. Shaka Zulu On Kemetic Masters Of The Martial Arts 2014
Graciemag: Ex-Fighter Gina Carano Shows Her Jiu-Jitsu In The Movies

February 21, 2014

Chewjitsu: How I Deal With Anxiety Before A Match
Take It Uneasy: Annmaria De Mars On Raising Ronda, Aggressive Judo, Math Education
Great Grappling: Back Step Defense Knee Switch Option 2
Gracie Breakdown: Ronda Rousey Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Camp
Tattooed Chimp: Don’t Use Strength!
MMA Junkie: How Much Can The Internet Teach You About Fighting? You Might Be Surprised
Evolve MMA: Technique Of The Week: Surprise Armbar From Side Control
Graciemag: Gabi Garcia Tells You Why Jiu-Jitsu Is Good For Women
Part Time Grappler: Relson Gracie Brown Belt And ATH Nutrition Founder Stuart Kam
bjj.org: Escaping The Body Triangle While Sneaking Into A Leg Lock
Graciemag: Get To Know Better Sara Mcmann, Ronda’s Next Opponent In The UFC
Gameness: My Experience On Fight Travel To Rio De Janeiro
bjj.org: Drilling Sequences To Help Improve Your Overall Guard
Slideyfoot: Teaching Americana From Side Control
No Holds Barred: Dan Kanagie And Billy Warlock On April 5 Virginia Shooter’s Challenge

February 19, 2014

Sand Hills BJJ: Guard And Passing Blueprint
Josh Vogel: Some Ideas Behind Side Control That I Use
Berimbolo Kid: Nutrition And Supplementation For The Jiu-Jitsu Athlete (By Nick Aboe)
Meerkatsu: Review: Tatami Fightwear Zero G (Version 3)
Graciemag: Ricardo Almeida Receives 4th Degree From Renzo
No Holds Barred: John Perretti On His Pioneering 1997 Grappling Event, The Contenders
Dstryr/Sg: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Wristlocks
Grappling Weekly: Spider Guard Techniques Vitor Paschoal BJJ