May 2, 2013

MMA Mania: Kron Gracie Vs. Shinya Aoki Jiu-Jitsu Video Preview
Dirty White Gi: Save Olympic Wrestling
MMA Junkie: Constantinos Philippou Not Worried About Souza’s Ground Game
Graciemag: #194 – Berimbolo Dossier – All About The Most Recently Talked About Technique
Fightland: Meet Ottavia Bourdain
BJJpix: AJ Agazarm – ‘My Style Of Fighting Is ‘Porradaria’
Ground Never Misses: 1914 Gold Weave Gi Review
Grapplers Planet: “Why I Fight”, The Documentary
Gi Freak: 10 Tips For Marathon Grappling
BJJ Workouts: Improve Your BJJ With Performance Mantras

May 1, 2013

Bleacher Report: The Best Fighters At Each Major Component Of MMA
Grapplearts: 6 Steps For An Effective Sleeve Choke
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Half Guard Pass Defense
Stuart Cooper Films: ADCC 2013 Superfight Braulio Estima Vs Andre Galvao Trailer
Bloody Elbow: Rafael Lovato Jr – 1st American To Win Absolutes At Brazilian Championships
Gracie Barra: Marcio Feitosa’s Open Guard Sweep
Bloody Elbow: TUF Brazil’s Rapid Ratings Decline Has Cancellation Rumors Buzzing

April 28, 2013

Revolution BJJ: Knee Cut Pass To Kneebar To Straight Ankle Lock
BJJ Legends: Teaching As A Purple Belt
Jiu-Jiu: Advantages Women Have In Jiu Jitsu
Lex Fridman: Train Less And Save The Fun Stuff For Last
Marcelo Garcia: Students Speak On 2013 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship
Breaking Muscle: 8 Perspectives On Gender In The Gym
Tangled Triangle: Visiting The Valente Brothers With Eddie Kone
Science Of Skill: Alan Belcher… Immune To Submissions?
Bloody Elbow: Bryan Caraway Chokes Out Johnny Bedford With A Late 3rd Round Guillotine
Bloody Elbow: Pat Healy Outworked Jim Miller To Score Submission Win
Tangled Triangle: Feelings On Split Gender Classes

April 27, 2013

Ze Grapplez: Double Guard Pull You Say? It Makes Sense? Blasphemy?
Great Grappling: North South Escape – Hermit Crab
UFC: Vinny Magalhaes, “I’m A Finisher”
Choke MMA Podcast: Episode 1
Dan Faggella: Imanari Leg Lock Attack
Aesopian: Crucifix Seminar Handout
Pulling Guard Zine: Utilizing The Olympic Lifts For BJJ
Dstryrsg: You Fight Like A Chess Player. That’s A Compliment.
Tap Tap Tap: Gymcest
BJJ Legends: Gear Review – Breakpoint FC Ranked Rashguard
Learn To Grapple: Arm Triangle From Mount
Part Time Grappler: BJJ Gi Review – 93 Brand Grey Goose

April 26, 2013

Valerie Worthington: Merging Selves – My Continued Development As A Grappler
Gameness: 5 Ways To Stay Injury Free
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Half Guard Pass
Graciemag: Renzo Gracie Teaches Rear Naked Choke, Puts Volunteer To Sleep
The National: Off-Duty US Navy Sailor Thwarts Dubai Rape Attempt With Leg Stranglehold
The Atlantic: What Martial Arts Have To Do With Atheism
The Atlantic: The Atheist Who Strangled Me
Grapplearts: Keenan Cornelius On Training, BJJ Competition, MMA Goals And More
Turtleguard: Submission Fight Co Hemp Sensation Rashguard Review
Skirt On The Mat: Uses For Tournament T-Shirts

April 25, 2013

Keebler Istiny: Shoot! Lose Your Fear Of The Sprawl
BJJ Addict: Interviews On The Roll – Jake Mackenzie
BJJ Library: Leandro Lo – Torreada Pass
Kurt Osiander: Butterfly Guard Pass
Gi Freak: Keep Pesadelo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Going
Breaking Muscle: Best BJJ Gear For Women – No Gi, Gi, And Random Girl Necessities
Josh Jitsu: Should I Be Strength Training?
Bishop BJJ: Common Jiu Jitsu Injuries And How To Deal With Them
BJJ Pix: Felipe Costa – “Lightweights Should Train With Lightweights”
Tapout 101: The Clock Choke – Analysis And Video

April 24, 2013

BJJ Legends: Ricardo Almeida – Leg Locks For BJJ Beginners
Aesopian: Armdrag To Crucifix
Gracie Barra: Choking Right From The Half-Guard
BJJ Library: Torreada Pass By Xande Ribeiro
Stephan Kesting: The 3 Fanciest Leglocks That Actually Work
Clockwork BJJ: Spider Guard Sweep Part 3 Defending & Staying Safe In The 50/50 With Alan Belcher
Jits Magazine: Helvecio Penna (De La Riva) – Arm Lock From Cross Guard
Dstryrsg: Make That Body Connection – German Style
Roli Delgado: One Legged X-Guard Straight Ankle Lock