January 19, 2013

Ryan Hall: An Open Letter To The Martial Arts Community
Bloody Elbow: The Trade Off Of Michael Bisping’s Takedown Defense
Dstryrsg: Hey, Look. It’s The Good Ol’ Berimbraço, Just Like Helio Used To Do
Great Grappling: X Guard Sweep Drop Ankle And Dump
Gireviews Podcast: Tim Sledd
Bloody Elbow: Gracie Brothers Discuss Lloyd Irvin Student Rape Case
Graciemag: The Opponent Scored A Takedown? Counter With A Kimura Lock
On The Mat: Otm Year End Awards Part 3
On The Mat: Gumby’s Column – Holding Ourselves To A Higher Standard
Graciemag: DJ Jackson – Tererê’s One Of My Heros! It’ll Be An Honor To Fight Him In Lisbon
Meerkatsu: Proud To Be A Part Of The 97%

January 18, 2013

Adamson Jiu Jitsu: Leg Drag To Ezekiel
On The Mat: OTM Year End Awards Part 2
Rolled Up: Episode 37 – All Or Nothing – Robert Drysdale
Richmond BJJ: Closed Guard Sweep To Submissions
Richmond BJJ: Loop Choke/Sweep From Butterfly Guard
Damage Control: Arm Lock Counter To Leg Lock From 50/50 Guard
BJJ Weekly: Deep Half Guard Peek-A-Boo Sweep With Wilson Reis
BJJ Addict Radio: Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa
Skirt On The Mat: Different Classes For Ranks – The Cons
Aesopian BJJ: Drill To Spin, Drill To Win
Ground Never Misses: Fuji Sakana Rash Guard Review
Dstryrsg: This Victory Fits Like A Glov-Er

January 17, 2013

On The Mat: OTM Year End Awards Part 1
Dstryrsg: How’s ’bout Some Dirty, Rotten Catch-As-Catch-Can?
Meerkatsu: WaMaDa Genesis Bamboo Fabric Rashguard
Skirt On The Mat: Different Classes For Ranks – The Pros
Graciemag: Jacaré Souza Joins UFC, Says He Feels Butterflies
Breaking Muscle: Sally’s 8 Week BJJ Tournament Training Program: Strength & Conditioning
Bloody Elbow: Interview – Josh Barnett
Bloody Elbow: Report – BETA Academy Ends Association With Team Lloyd Irvin

January 14, 2013

BJJ Heroes: Copa Podio Jiu Jitsu 2013 Results
Bloody Elbow: Jacare Souza Submits Ed Herman
Bloody Elbow: Gegard Mousasi Chokes Out Mike Kyle
Bloody Elbow: Josh Barnett Submits Nandor Guelmino
John Machado: Prof Gen Isono Guard Pass
Graciemag: The IBJJF Introduces Jiu-Jitsu-Rules Changes For 2013
gireviews.net: Da Firma Kimono Company Gi Review
Science Of Skill: Top Inverted Guard Players – Roleta
Gracie Breakdown: Roger Gracie & Jacare + Joe Lauzon’s “Flying Scissor Heel Hook”

January 12, 2013

BJJ Globetrotter: I Started A BJJ Team
Bloody Elbow: Lloyd Irvin Purchases LloydIrvinRape.Com, Turns It Into A Marketing Site
Ken Primo: Outside Guard Pass Drill
Revolution BJJ: Triangle Choke Escape – Elbow Down
gireviews.net: Women’s Cut Tatami Estilo 3.0 Gi Review
Dstryr/sg: The MMA Knee On Belly Triangle, Say What?
BJJ Hacks: Tanquinho & Mackenzie Dern – BJJ Black Belt Couple
Graciemag: The 6 Fights Jiu-Jitsu Fans Won’t Want To Miss At Strikeforce’s Farewell Show