June 2, 2013

ESPN: Metamoris II’s Goal Is To Be “Pointless”
Bloody Elbow: Buchecha, Galvao, And Other Things For An MMA Fan To Watch For At Mundials
Now Boxing: UFC From All Angles – Rener & Ryron Gracie Airs On Fuel TV Monday
Mark Massey: Tripod Sweep To Armbar From Seated Back Control
Mark Massey: Hip Bump To Triangle Attack
Megjitsu: SubmissionFC ‘Hemp Ectasy’ Women’s BJJ Gi Review
Graciemag: Who’s Who In The Realm Of The BJJ Worlds
Graciemag: Luke Rockhold At The Worlds

June 1, 2013

LA Times: For ‘Dexter’ Actor Sean Patrick Flanery, Jiujitsu Is An Unbeatable Workout
Brandon Quick: Russian Tie Shuck By To North South Choke
Scramble TV: Nakamura Daisuke Mixtape And Inverted Guard Pass To Backtake
Chris Savarese: Ezekiel Choke
BJJ Legends: Grappling With A Purpose – The Rafael Mendes Approach
Graciemag: Test Your Knowledge With The BJJ Worlds Quiz
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Fuji Kassen II
Graciemag: Who’s Fighting In The Black Belt Open?
Jayjitsu: Breaking The Lock Down And Practicing Passing Guard
Gireviews.Net: Scramble Athlete Gi Review
JJ Pugsley: Leg Lace Foot Lock
Filip Matos: BJJ Conditioning And Drills
Science Of Skill: Goal Setting In BJJ – Roman At Part Time Jiu Jitsu
Bloody Elbow: Matt Serra Discusses Career Future, Matt Hughes & More
Carnage BJJ: Lapel And Sleeve Grip Triangle

May 31, 2013

Valerie Worthington: What It’s Like – How To Use Analogies In Teaching And Coaching
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Double Under Pass Counter
BJJ Legends: First American Female Black Belt To Win The Worlds?
BJJ Scout: Leandro Lo Guard Study – DLR/Spider Hybrid Guard
Bloody Elbow: Lloyd Irvin Plans To File Lawsuit Against Mike Fowler
Graciemag: Carlos Gracie Jr. On The 18 Years Of BJJ Worlds
Cage Potato: Ed O’Neill To Provide Color Commentary At Metamoris II
Graciemag: A Guide For Watching The 2013 Jiu-Jitsu World Championships
gireviews.net: Ground Game Titan Gi Review
Gameness: Why The BJJ World Championship Should Be Held In Brazil Too
Pendergrass Academy: Spinning Knee On Belly To Triangle / Armbar / Americana Submissions
Graciemag: Xande Ribeiro Talks Preparation For 2013 World Championship
BJJ Survival Guide: 3 Reasons You Should Go To Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars
Chiswick BJJ: Armbar From The Guard

May 30, 2013

BJJ Addict Radio: AJ Scales Interview
Steve E Larsen: Applying Pressure In BJJ – Make Them Suffer
Graciemag: Braga Neto Relies On Jiu-Jitsu Before UFC Debut
Jeff Joslin: Bullfighter Guard Pass Counter
BJJ Legends: I Am My Brother’s Keeper – The Mendes Edition
On The Mat: Mendes Brothers – Respect Is Everything
Graciemag: Current Open-Class Runner-Up Léo Nogueira Not Fighting In Long Beach
BJJ Heroes: Francisco Fernandes “Chiquinho De Cuiaba”
Science Of Skill: Learn The 50-50 Guard
Sherdog: Meet BJJ’s Fabulous Mendes Brothers
Lex Fridman: Visiting Rio Jiu Jitsu In Chicago
Bloody Elbow: Olympic Wrestling Lives On
Breaking Muscle: Bodyweight Strength And Conditioning Circuit For BJJ
Grapplers Planet: Gui Mendes Interview
dstryrsg: Beat The Kimura With Your Immensely Powerful And Flexible Shoulders
Jayjitsu: Practicing The Half Guard Escape And Sweep
Bloody Elbow: Mike Fowler Disappointed Lloyd Irvin Will Be At The IBJJF Worlds
With Leather: Royce Gracie Discusses Metamoris II

May 28, 2013

Bloody Elbow: Dana White Wants B.J. Penn To Retire, Not Sure About Rich Franklin
BJJ-Asia: Keenan Cornelius ‘The Journey’ By Daniel Faggella
Science Of Skill: Keenan Cornelius Competition Track Record
Abel Cotado: Andre Galvao Preparing For The World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2013
Bloody Elbow: MMA Origins – History Of U.S. Military Hand-To-Hand Programs
Tap Out 101: Side Control Attack By Nicolas Gregoriades
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Quantum Kimonos Comp
Bloody Elbow: Gods Of War – Igor Kurinnoy
Inside BJJ: #82 – Tim And Matt
Breaking Muscle: Use It Or Lose It – The Third Pillar Of Fitness – Flexibility
Bloody Elbow: Review Of Bruce Buffer’s Autobiography – ‘It’s Time!’
Metamoris: Countdown – Andre Galvao Vs Rafael Lovato Jr.
Grapplearts: 3 Drills For Passing & Defending The Butterfly Guard
This Week In BJJ: Episode 35 With Orlando Sanchez And AJ Agazarm

May 25, 2013

Cage Potato: Ryan Hall Looks For A Fight At Metamoris II
Gracie Breakdown: Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Vs. Chris Comozzi
Groundswell: Winners Of The WGC ‘Send A Woman To The Mundial’ Essay Contest
Inner BJJ: Evolution Of BJJ
Graciemag: Check The 2013 Worlds’ New Schedule
Jorge Santos: Berimbolo Drills
Bloody Elbow: Coach Mike’s Factgrinder – Cain Velasquez
Graciemag: Get To Know 10 Athletes Who Will Make A Difference At The 2013 Worlds
Prof Perazzo: Driving It Home With The Professor – Sandbagging
Metamoris: Countdown – Braulio Estima Vs Rodolfo Vieira
Fuel TV: Legendary Moments – Matt Hughes Chokes Out Frank Trigg
Jayjitsu: X-Pass, The Brown Belt And The Black Belt
Dstryrsg: Backyard Judo, Get R Dun With A Revese Seoi Nage
No Holds Barred: Kid Peligro On The 2013 Mundials And The Rise Of Buchecha

May 24, 2013

Daniel Faggella: 3 BJJ Movements You’ve Never Heard Of
Graciemag: What Motivates A Rookie To Enroll In The Jiu-Jitsu World Championship?
Jayjitsu: A Few BJJ Training Tips
Science Of Skill: Learning The Inverted Guard
BJJ Legends: Pe De Pano – Márcio Cruz
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Arm Drag To Back
Graciemag: Jacare Vs. Yushin Okami In The Works For Future UFC Event
Tap Out 101: ADCC 2013 Will Be Without Marcelo Garcia
Samir Seif: BJJ Kimura To Triangle Choke Combination
Girl-Jitsu: 6 Reasons Your Significant Other May Not Want To Train With You
Jayjitsu: Learn Checkers To Improve Your BJJ Game
BJJ Legends: The 1-Leg X-Guard As Told By Marcelo Garcia Via MGinaction
Bishop BJJ: Pass The Guard Like Rodoldo Vieira
Kid Peligro: Caio Terra To Stay At Rooster
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation #17 – Will We See The Greatest Match Ever?
Black Belt Mag: Marco Ruas – From The Streets Of Brazil To Southern California
dstryrsg: Time To Get Banana Splitted. Oh, The Shame!