March 6, 2013

BJJ Hacks: Keenan Cornelius – My Ultimate Goal In Jiu-Jitsu
Jits Magazine: Bruninho – Escaping Back Control Part 2
BJJ Heroes: Rafael Correa “Gordinho”
Graciemag: Marcio Feitosa – Neutralize Your Opponent’s Wrestling
BJJ Legends: Gear Review – Origin Spats
This Week In BJJ: Episode 30
Pro MMA Now: Gabriel Gonzaga Disappointed With UFC HW’s Lack Of BJJ Skills
Gracie Barra: Prof Marcos Barros Shares His Philosophy On BJJ
Gracie Academy: The Universal Misunderstanding (Gracie Philosophy)

March 5, 2013

Gameness: 6 Activities And Sports That Will Help Your Jiu-Jitsu
Dirty White Belt: Tournament Wrap Up – NC State Championships
BJJ Grrl: Book Review – “When The Fight Goes To The Ground”, Lori O’Connell
Graciemag: Watch How DJ Jackson Took Down Gregor Gracie
Learn To Grapple: Armbar – Triangle – Armbar Sequence
Learn To Grapple: Spider Guard Triangle Choke
Learn To Grapple: 2 On 1 Butterfly Guard Pass
Learn To Grapple: Butterfly Guard Smash Pass
Learn To Grapple: Hari O Goshi
Inside BJJ: #70 – Kurt Osiander, Edwin Frias
BJJ Heroes: Orlando Sanchez (Gracie Barra)
Dstryrsg: Learn The Powers Of The Gripping Hand
Jiu Jitsu Lab: Evitar A Guarda – Strategies For Avoiding The Guard
Bloodyelbow: Shogun Rua Vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Verbally Agree To June Rematch
Bloodyelbow: Gracie Vs. Kennedy, Ferreira Vs. Dollaway Added To UFC On FX 8

March 2, 2013

Graciemag: Keenan Confirms Move To Atos, JT Torres Follows
Richmond BJJ Academy: Open Guard Sweep Combination
Mike Rethmeyer: Gi Ankle Pick
Science Of Skill: Jordan Schultz – Triangling People Like It’s 1974 All Over Again
On The Mat: Jordon Schultz – BJJ Guard Game Analysis
Gracie Barra: Why Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Work?
Pulling Guard Zine: Beginning Strength Program For The BJJ Athlete
Graciemag: Fresh Off Earning His Brown Belt, UFC’s Stefan Struve Looks To Submit Mark Hunt

March 1, 2013

Valerie Worthington: Show Respect To Earn Respect: Prioritize Doing The Right Thing
BJJ Legends: Jiu-Jitsu + Judo + Wrestling + MMA + Government = Tactical Expertise
Lex Fridman: Training For Competition With Higher Ranks
Ze Grapplez: Special Secret Deadly Technique Of The Day – Osotogarishinagi
Learn To Grapple: Fake Out Armbar From Mount
BJJ Legends: 3 Advanced Tips For Women To Excel In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Learn To Grapple: Foot Drag Mount Escape
Graciemag: Keenan – “I Can No Longer Be Absolutely Sure That This Is The Right Environment”
BJJ Legends: Mindmap – Modern Jiu Jitsu – Butterfly Guard, Standing Passes And Takedowns
Slideyfoots: More Knee Cut Pass
Dstryrsg: Stuart Cooper Films On Rodrigo Caporal – “I Will Train In The Gi Forever.”
Chewjitsu: Learning To Be A Better Instructor By Being A Beginner

February 28, 2013

BJJ Potential: BJJ For 30 Days… With Glutathione
Graciemag: Keenan Leaving Team Lloyd Irvin
Bloody Elbow: Muay Thai Champion Ramon Dekkers Passes Away At Age 43
Renato Tavares: How To Cut Weight For Your Next BJJ Tournament
BJJ Addict Radio: Zach Adamson Interview
Ze Grapplez: Catch Wrestling Matches – Yes, There Are Other Styles Of Grappling
Tap Tap Tap: Gear Review – Kunetics Rash Guard
Graciemag: Gabi Garcia Wants To Fight MMA
BJJ Mind: The Importance Of Relaxing In Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu Lab: Drilled To Win – Contest Results

February 27, 2013

Kenprimo: Marcelo Garcia Style Sweep
Science Of Skill: Jiu Jitsu Laboratory
BJJ Heroes: Mackenzie Dern (Gracie Humaita)
Bishop BJJ: It’s Science – Rafael Lovato Jr.
Graciemag: Feitosa Explains How To Be Successful Against A Heavier Opponent
Lloyd Irvin: Keenan Vs Gary BJJ Kumite Full Unedited Match
Grapplearts: 4 Tips To Pass Any Guard
Toledo Blade: Jiu Jitsu Gives Ohio State-Bound Thompson A Leg Up On Foes
BJJ Legends: How To Dye Your Own Belt
Dstryrsg: Marcelo And Lovato Jr. Making Jiu Jitsu Magic

February 26, 2013

Grapple Arts: Ronda Rousey And The Power Of Gameplans
Bloody Elbow: First Legit Catch Wrestling Matches In New York City In 93 Years
Graciemag: Don’t Miss Another Choke From The Back, Lucas Lepri Teaches
Bloody Elbow: SD Senator Seeks To Ban MMA, Calls It ‘Child Porn Of Sports’
BJJ Addict Radio: Emily Kwok Interview
Bloody Elbow: A Look Inside Iran’s Dismantling Of The United States At World Cup Of Wrestling
Ze Grapplez: Textbook Judo Armbar – Ronday Rousey GIF Edition
Gi Reviews Podcast: William Wayland
Inside BJJ: #69 – Daniel Gracie
Slideyfoot: Book Review – When The Fight Goes To The Ground (Lori O’connell)