May 13, 2013

Valerie Worthington: How To Take Useful Notes In BJJ Class
Grapplearts: BJJ Lessons From A Sushi Master
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation #9 – See What Champions Change The Black Belt Rankings
Aries Xecutioner: Limitless BJJ Calf Slicer And Guillotine Choke
Ken Primola: Thinking In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – Pioneer Penn & Relentless Rafael
Fighters.Com: Renzo Gracie – “Everything I See I See Through Jiu Jitsu Eyes”
Jiu Jiu: BJJ And Gender – Group Responsibility Vs Individual Freedom

May 12, 2013

Mark Massey: Jump Scissor Takedown With Kneebar
Mark Massey: Helicopter Mount Drill
Mark Massey: Rolling Collar Choke From Opponent’s Turtle
Hello Japan: How To Get DQ’d In BJJ – Eye Gouging, Groin Strikes, More
Kid Peligro: Rickson V Rolls – Rare Footage Of The Two Legends Sparring
Bloody Elbow: Gods Of War – Gokor Chivichyan
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Grab & Pull Premium V2
BJJ Eastern Europe: Interview With Andre Borges, The Man Behind BJJheroes.Com
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Attacks From Open Guard

May 11, 2013

Revolution BJJ: 7 Ways To Be A Great Jiu Jitsu Student
Ryan Dickson: 50/50 Footlock Variation
BJJ Gear Junkie: Gi Soap First Impressions Rousimar Palhares – Heel Hook
Grapplethon: 2013 Post-Event Press Release
Grapplethon: Run Your Own Grapplethon
On The Mat: Anderson Silva Loses By Heel Hook
Pendergrass Academy: Easy And Effective Way To Attack The Turtle
Meerkatsu: Real Lives – Cristobal Hernandez
The Independent: Turning A Hobby Into A Business? Give Yourself A Fighting Chance
Choke MMA Podcast: Ep 3 – Anderson Silva Fined, Shane Carwin Retires, Listener Mail
Alan Belcher: The Monoplata Position
Grapplers Planet: Bacterial And Viral Infections In Jiu Jitsu
Art Of Jiu Jitsu: Passing The Leg Lasso Guard
Science Of Skill: Fastest Foot Lock – 13 Seconds To Tap-Out
Ken Primola: Half Guard Armlock From Top
Black Belt Magazine: Rickson Gracie – Classic Q&A With The Legend Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Sherdog: No ‘Flash’ In The Pan
The Gentle Art: Evaluate A Gym In 5 Minutes Or Less

May 10, 2013

Valerie Worthington: Feel Me Flow – Deconstructing “Let’s Just Go Light”
Jorge Santos: Reversal From Side Control, Armbar
Graciemag: How About Marcelo Garcia? Will He Seek His 6th Gold At Worlds?
Bloodyelbow: Shogun Rua – I Burst My Appendix 2 Months Before 2nd Machida Fight
Science Of Skill: Best Mendes Bros Matches – Part 6
Graciemag: Watch Gina Carano Fight Michelle Rodriguez And Do A Flying Armbar
Gameness: Over Forty? This Is Why Jiu-Jitsu Is Good For You, Too!
Skirt On The Mat: The Importance Of Having Women In Jiu Jitsu
BJJ Scout: Leandro Lo’s DLR Guard Counters
Graciemag: Mundials Motivation – More Females To Improve Quality Of Competitions
Aesopian BJJ: Troubleshooting Armdrags And A Special Guest Spot On Artechoke In A Can
Bishop BJJ: Little Things Vs. Big Things In Jiu Jitsu
Dstryrsg: Two Words To Shut Down Your Excuse Making – Helvecio Penna
Graciemag: Mundials Memories – The Tameless Jacaré
BJJ Pix: 8 Photos Of 3X BJJ World Champion Marcio Feitosa

May 7, 2013

Revolution BJJ: The Art Of Teaching BJJ
Stephan Kesting: The First (And Most Powerful) X Guard Sweep You Should Learn
Bloody Elbow: UFC Star Anthony Pettis Shows Off Some Capoeira Skills
Graciemag: Copa Podio – Xande Ribeiro Passes The Guard Of Braulio Estima
Stephan Kesting: 6 Steps For An Effective Sleeve Choke (Plus Some Advanced Tips)
Gameness: Mario Sperry Teaches A Gi Takedown
Gi Freak: Help Mike And Tracey Fowler Save The North Shore Jiu Jitsu Kids’ Club
On The Mat: Pete The Greek Talks Brazil And More…
Graciemag: Berimbolo Time – Samuel Braga Explains His Role In The Newest Sensation
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Inverted Gear

May 4, 2013

This Week In BJJ: Episode 34
Samir Seif: 3 BJJ Variations Of Kimura Lock
Choke MMA Podcast: Ep 2 – UFC 159 Reaction
Dstryrsg: Get Smart With Einstein’s One-Arm Choke
Bishop BJJ: The Leg Drag Pass – 3 Masters From 3 Generations Jim Miller Vs. Charles Oliveira – Kneebar Breakdown
On The Mat: Imanari And The Unstoppable MMA Leg Lock
Pendergrass Academy: 3 Drills For Forward Throws Including Drop Seoi Nage
Kurt Osiander: Open Guard Pass
Ze Grapplez: Leg Weave/Terrere 7 Point Pass To Mount
Bloody Elbow: Diego Sanchez On Ben Henderson, ‘I Wasn’t Impressed…Holes In His Game’
BJJ Legends: Modern Jiu Jitsu – Full Set Breakdown
Bloody Elbow: Costa Philippou Suffers Facial Cut, Out Of Fight With ‘Jacare’ Souza