November 15, 2012

Science Of Skill: Behind The Scenes With Brian Of
Breaking Muscle: How Bad Is A Hit To The Head? Very, Says Science
Dstryr/Sg: Keenan Cornelius Highlight
Black Belt Magazine: Vladimir Matyushenko – Stop A Kick And Execute A Takedown
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Break Point Fc Lightweight Deluxe A4 2012 Gireviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition
Business/Judo Of Life: What Do You Teach First?
BJJ Weekly: Jared Weiner – Deep Half Guard Killer Crucifix
BJJ Pix: A Memorandum To Jiu-jitsu – Biases Are Rampant
Bishop BJJ: Can You Regress In Jiu Jitsu? How To Defend The Armcrank When You’re Going For The Underhook
Graciemag: Doctor Involved In Ryan Gracie’s Death Sentenced To Community Service
Gracie Barra: Be The Best Jiu-jitsu Ambassador
BJJ Addict Radio: Brown Belt Special
Nathan Mendelsohn: Technique Of The Week #11

November 14, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Why MMA Fans Should Follow College Wrestling
BJJ Heroes: Atos BJJ Academy
Learn To Grapple: Three Man Armbar Drill
Dstryr/sg: It Takes A Little Bit Of Luta Livre To Pass The French Guard
Graciemag: How About A New Trap For Your Spider-guard Game?
BJJ Grrl: Women’s Grappling Camp At Fifty/50 Dynamic Armbar Drills – Brian Mclaughlin
Christian Graugart: Book About My Around-the-world BJJ Trip Is Finally Released
Jiu-Jiu: The Safeword Is Tap
Graciemag: Bráulio And Training With GSP – “He’s Going To Win By Ground And Pound”
Graciemag: Pavel “The Rocket” Bure, BJJ Purple Belt

November 13, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Gods Of War – Dan Hodge
Gracie Barra: 7 Tips For Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Newcomers
Gracie Barra: Why Goals Are Important In Training Jiu-jitsu
BJJ Heroes: Marc Laimon
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Sweep Amazon Sweep
Southern Jiu Jitsu: Match Breakdown – Lucas Lepri Vs Cyborg 2010
Graciemag: Has A Nova União Purple Belt Solved The Riddle Of The Berimbolo?
Graciemag: What’s Most Important In An Armbar? Bráulio Estima Comments
Jits Magazine: Passing The Half-spider Guard With Yuri Simoes

November 12, 2012

Grapplearts: On Starting Sparring From The Knees
Valerie Worthington: Choke – A Movie, A Verb, A Way Of Life
Science Of Skill: Progress In Research
Beyond Grappling: A Basic Standing Armlock Submission FC Hemp Sensation Gi Review
The BJJ Mind: An Ancient Take On Gi Vs No Gi
Brazil-021: Hannette Staack Flying Armbar Technique
BJJ Canvas: Teaching Self-defense In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Graciemag: Jiu-jitsu And MMA World’s Most Impactful Statements Of The Week
Revolution BJJ: “The Trade” To North/south Kimura Finish

November 11, 2012

Meerkatsu: Interview – David Jacobs
BJJPix: Debunking Jiu-jitsu Myths – Jiu-jitsu Fool’s Gold
Graciemag: Cornelius Vs Sousa? Lloyd Irvin Says Ok, Offers $5,000
Graciemag: Your Opponent Turns On All Fours? Stick A Hook In And Take The Back!
Graciemag: There’s A Jiu-jitsu Champ Chasing His Dream At UFC Macau
Fightworks Podcast: Rafael Lovato Jr Reviews The 2012 No Gi World Championship
Science Of Skill: Revamp Your Jiu Jitsu 351
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Hyperfly A4 By Do Or Die
Southern Jiu Jitsu: Politics Could Affect The Fate Of Hundreds Of BJJ Facilities In GA

November 10, 2012

Science Of Skill: Revamping Your Brazlian Jiu Jitsu Game 301
Graciemag: Caio Terra Explains Why Jiu-jitsu Shouldn’t Be “War”
Graciemag: Got Insomnia? The Cure May Be In Jiu-jitsu, Diet And Philosophy
Graciemag: The 5 Match-ups At UFC China That Jiu-jitsu Fans Can’t Miss
Part Time Grappler: BJJ White, Blue, Purple, Brown And Black Belts Reflections
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Submission – Omoplata
BJJ Legends: Foam Rolling 101 “Darce” Choke
Southern Jiu Jitsu: Marcelo Garcia Doing His Part To Help New York Recover
Yahoo! Answers: Can I Do Muay Thai And BJJ At The Same Time?

November 9, 2012

Valerie Worthington: My Name Is Valerie, And I May Be Sexist (But I’m Working On It)
Stephan Kesting: How To Defeat The Smaller Opponent
Business/Judo Of Life: Bad Judo Habits In Old Age
Jits Magazine: How To Warm-up Your Hips Correctly
Fightworks Podcast: No Gi Worlds Silver Medalist Justin Rader
Jiu Jitsu Vortex: Crippling Jiu-jitsu – A Leglock Article Roundup
Graciemag: Knee-on-belly, As Taught By Herbert Burns, Works In MMA
Bishop BJJ: Visualization Training
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Redstar Stamp A2l
Yahoo! Answers: Should I Quit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
OG Furious: Insane Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Moves