October 10, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s Go To Techniques
Ze Grapplez: Tournament Proof Tuesday – Shoulder Throw
Graciemag: An Open-guard Sweep That’ll Take Anyone Down
Inner BJJ: Observations From The The Worlds Seniors And Masters
Bloody Elbow: Demian Maia Vs. Rick Story Dissection
Dstryrsg: Stop Drop And Roll Your Way Out Of Side Control
Inner BJJ: BJJ On The Simpsons
Fightworks Podcast: Injury Incidence At The IBJJF 2012 Masters-Seniors Worlds
Grapplearts: Roy Dean On BJJ, Aikido, Judo, Wrestling, And The Martial Artist’s Path
Graciemag: Jeff Glover – “Caio Terra’s A Great Wall I Need To Climb”
This Week In BJJ: Episode 15 With Andre Galvao
Learntograpple.com: Baseball Bat Choke (spin Choke) From Knee On Belly
Learntograpple.com: Half Guard Pass To Side Control – Yanni Hronakis
Inner BJJ: Metamoris Countdown
Jean Jacques Machado: The Lapel Idea
Jiujitsupedia: Jeff Glover Jiu-jitsu – Floating Guard Pass

October 9, 2012

BJJschool101.com: Armlock From The Guard
Cobrinha BJJ: Cobrinha’s Back Take
Connection Rio: De La Riva, Robson Gracie Jr And Brazilian Top Team
Metamoris Pro: Countdown – Dean Lister Vs Xande Ribeiro
Bishop BJJ: Learn A New Guard Pass Today
Part Time Grappler: The Science Of Luck In Grappling Part I
Science Of Skill: Toe Holds Make Big People Cry
Meerkatsu: Interviewed By Into The Fire
Gireviews.net: Would Gi Soap Get The Tyler Durden Seal Of Approval?
BJJ Mind: 4 Keys To Jiu Jitsu Success
Inside BJJ: Luciana Machado Simon – Mkimonos
BJJ Heroes: Nicolas Gregoriades (jiu Jitsu Brotherhood)
Graciemag: Worlds Masters & Seniors: Amazing Jiu-jitsu Images
BJJ In MMA: Jessamyn Duke On Her Her Impressive Submission Victory
Ze Grapplez: Stationary Uchikomi Drill
BJJ Canvas: Mindset Is Often More Important Than Skillset
BJJ In MMA: Stephanie Frausto Needs Just 48 Seconds To Get Her First Invicta Win
Meerkatsu: Roger Gracie Interview On London Real
Graciemag: Aoki Sinks Triangle To Tie Minotauro’s Tapout Record
Bleeding Edge: Demographics, Income And The 2012 Worlds Masters
Gracie Barra: Braulio Estima Interview

October 7, 2012

Bloody Elbow: One FC 6 – Shinya Aoki Gets Early Sub, Boku And Kim Claim Titles
Graciemag: Cat-movement-inspired Jiu-jitsu, By Bruno Ramos
Fightworks Podcast: $5,000 Prizes From The IBJJF In Its First Pro Event
BJJ Grrl: “But It Works On The White Belts!”
The Bleeding Edge: Why You’re Going To Fail
Fightworks Podcast: Poll – Which Metamoris Pro Match Are You Most Excited About?
BJJ Canvas: The Game Of Inches In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition
Lex Fridman: Madness Of Excellence: Find And Embrace The Crazy
My Many Faces: Gay In BJJ
Learntograpple.com: Basic Deep Half Guard Sweep – Yanni Hronakis
Learntograpple.com: Half Guard Pass To Mount – Yanni Hronakis
Learntograpple.com: Back Take From Deep Half Guard – Yanni Hronakis
Learntograpple.com: Hook Sweep From Half Guard – Yanni Hronakis
Learntograpple.com: Deep Half Guard Pendulum Sweep – Yanni Hronakis
Turtle Guard: Exclusive Video Interview – BJJ Black Belt Samuel Braga
Yahoo! Answers: Why Are Scissor Takedowns Illegal In IBJJF Rules?
Graciemag: Most Impactful Statements Of The Week In The Jiu-jitsu And MMA World

October 6, 2012

Ze Grapplez: Uchimata And Haraigoshi In Amateur MMA
BJJ In MMA: Let’s Get To Know Shinya Aoki’s Opponent, Arnaud Lepont
Kurt Osiander: Open Guard Sweep
Graciemag: The 5 Most Interesting Ufc Fights This Friday
Gracie Academy: Gracie University Master Cycle – Shadow Hooks
Graciemag: How’s Anderson Silva’s UFC-focused Jiu-jitsu?
Graciemag: Neutralize The Underhook And Pass Butterfly-guard
John Machado: Dan Inosanto Talks About The Machado Brothers
Websoda: Grapplers Quest, Ryan Hall And Gsp Vs Condit
Kayso Sayso: Adidas Rip Stop Gi Review
BJJ Canvas: Lessons Learned When I Was A White Belt 4 
Blood Yelbow: Jessica Penne Shows The Variants Of Women’s Grappling
Dstryrsg: Seoi Nage Your Way To Victory
Business/Judo Of Life: When Is “Coaching” Just Ego?
Fightworks Podcast: Metamoris Pro And The ADCC Qualifiers – Same City And Day
Jiu-Jiu: BJJ – The Inferiority Complex
Three Harmonies: An Evening With Rener Gracie
Graciemag: Susumu Nagao And Early Days Of UFC Gain Exhibit In Rio