February 3, 2013

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Meerkatsu: Helvécio Penna Seminar

February 2, 2013

All Things BJJ: Carlson Gracie Sr – The Simple Warrior Part 1
Gracie Barra: Magid Hage’s Famous Choke
Richmond BJJ Academy: Closed Guard Back Takes
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BJJ Canvas: Troubleshooting The Half Guard

January 31, 2013

BJJ Weekly: Drill For Skill – Cartwheel Guard Transition
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Off The Mat With The Crusher: Matt Serra Part 1
Revolution BJJ: Breaking The Ego To Advance My Game
Dave Camarillo: Machine Gun Submissions!
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Eddie Bravo Radio: Episode 5 – Todd White

January 30, 2013

BJJ Ref Spot: Reaping At The IBJJF 2013 European Open
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Graciemag: What’s The Absolute Blue Belt Champ Got That Others Don’t?

January 29, 2013

Inside BJJ: #64 – Steve Austin, Luiz Claudio, Brent Littell
BJJ Heroes: Felipe Pena “Preguiça” (Gracie Barra)
Bishop BJJ: Jiu Jitsu Rewind – European 2013, WPJJ – SD
Science Of Skill: Jordan MMA
Graciemag: Watch Keenan Cornelius’ Double Battle With Miyao Brothers At Europeans 2013
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