April 24, 2013

BJJ Legends: Ricardo Almeida – Leg Locks For BJJ Beginners
Aesopian: Armdrag To Crucifix
Gracie Barra: Choking Right From The Half-Guard
BJJ Library: Torreada Pass By Xande Ribeiro
Stephan Kesting: The 3 Fanciest Leglocks That Actually Work
Clockwork BJJ: Spider Guard Sweep Part 3
bjj.org: Defending & Staying Safe In The 50/50 With Alan Belcher
Jits Magazine: Helvecio Penna (De La Riva) – Arm Lock From Cross Guard
Dstryrsg: Make That Body Connection – German Style
Roli Delgado: One Legged X-Guard Straight Ankle Lock

April 23, 2013

Beyond Grappling: Three Fast And Effective Ashiwaza Techniques
Science Of Skill: The Best Mendes Bros Matches – Part 4
Chewjitsu: Why Do We Train BJJ?
Black Belt: Gene Lebell On Training, Weaknesses, Workouts And Respect
Jiu-Jiu: Male Privilege In Jiu Jitsu – A Primer
fighters.com: Alex Silva Wants To Go From BJJ World Champ To MMA World Champ
BJJ Heroes: Cezar Guimarães “Casquinha”
BJJ Workouts: 2 Very Common BJJ Conditioning Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

April 21, 2013

BJJ Sydney: Simple Berimbolo Counter
Naples BJJ: Stability Ball Training For BJJ
Graciemag: Leandro Lo Analyzes Pan & Another Gold In Abu Dhabi
Slideyfoot: Equipment Review – Gi Drawstring/Gi Cord (Z-Strings)
Graciemag: USADA – A Clean Andre Galvao Won The 2013 Pan
Science Of Skill: The Best Mendes Bros Matches – Part 3
Shoyoroll: The Ruotolo Twins – 10 Year Old Grappling Sensations
Graciemag: UFC President Dana White Says Jiu-Jitsu Is ‘Pretty Damn Boring’

April 19, 2013

Valerie Worthington: Telltale Signs You’re Dealing With A Grappler
BJJ Addict Radio: Ricardo Franjinha Interview
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Half Guard Sweep / Kneebar
Graciemag: The Day A Drop Of Glue Ended A MMA Fight In Brazil
Graciemag: Jiu-Jitsu – From Social Projects To The Main Stage In Abu Dhabi
BJJ Ref Spot: The Keenan / Paulo Double Dq
Grapplers Planet: Maintaining Leg Control
ADCC: Robert Duvall Training With Pedro Sauer
Graciemag: Remember The Match Against Helio On The 20Th Anniversary Of Kimura’s Passing
Graciemag: Omoplata Setup And Baseball Choke
gireviews.net: Storm Sakura BJJ Gi Review
Bishop BJJ: Own Your Jiu Jitsu Techniques
Tap Out 101: Takedown – Ashi Guruma (Leg Wheel)
San Diego Reader: After Sweeping Dodgers, Padres Hire Local BJJ Master
Metamoris: Jiu-Jitsu Connects – Rugby
BJJ Library: Knee On Belly Survival And Escape

April 18, 2013

Jiu Jitsu Fighter: Ralek Gracie Releases Statement On The New Judge System For Metamoris
Gameness: 8 Gyms You Should Visit If You Go To Rio De Janeiro
Jason Scully: 47 Leg Lock Techniques In Just 4 Minutes
Graciemag: The Excellent Jiu-Jitsu Of Keenan Cornelius And Paulo Miyao
gireviews.net: Storm Nightshade Gi Review
Art Of Jiu Jitsu: Recovering The Guard By Spinning
BJJ Legends: The Transferable Lifeworks Of Ryan Beauregard
Breaking Muscle: Product Review – Gawakoto Kalabaw Rash Guard
Cage Potato: Enter The McDojo – My Experience With The Bullshit Culture Of TMA
BJJ Heroes: Kid Peligro
Black Belt Magazine: Top 10 Videos – MMA Techniques
Ken Primo: Four Cool BJJ Moves From Feet
Graciemag: Robert Drysdale Wins Again, Aims For Shot In The UFC

April 17, 2013

5th Round: Gabriel Gonzaga’s Team Plans To Appeal TKO Loss To Travis Browne
Bishop BJJ: Podcast 5 – Rafael Lovato Jr. And Budo Jake
Breaking Muscle: How Long Does It Take To Get Hydrated?
Jits Magazine: Bruno Frazatto – Leg Drag To Pass Reverse De La Riva Part 2
Clockwork BJJ: Spider Guard Back Take
Tutaj BJJ: No Gi Takedowns With Mike Fumagalli
Gameness: How To Choose The Right Academy For A BJJ Competitor
Ze Grapplez: The Green Gi Revolution Is Coming
BJJ Legends: Review/Study Guide – Lucas Lepri Championship Guard Passing
On The Mat: Metamoris Pro II Invitational Announces Blockbuster Card For June 9th PPV Event

April 16, 2013

Valerie Worthington: How To Own Your Training – A Personal Example
Hello Japan: How To Get DQ’d In BJJ Tournaments
Beyond Grappling: Legal Grip Breaks For 2013
Naples BJJ: Armbar From Side Control
Gracie Academy: Rickson Sparring At Gracie Academy Torrance (1991)
Bloody Elbow: Book Review – From Vale Tudo To MMA
Ze Grapplez: The Great Disqualification Debate
Inside BJJ: Episode 76
BJJ Legends: Interview – The Green Gi 100% Hemp And Made In America
Gameness: Mario Sperry Instructional Video – Clock Choke
Breaking Muscle: Five Rules For Success In Fighting (And Life)