April 5, 2013

Valerie Worthington: The 5 Critical Responsibilities Of The Grappling Student
BJJ Heroes: Kurt Osiander (Ralph Gracie)
Skirt On The Mat: Metamoris II Coming June 9th
Bishop BJJ: 3 Ways To Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Outside Of The Academy
Gracie Barra: The True Art Of Submission In Jiu-Jitsu
Logan BJJ: Basics, Advanced Techniques, And The 1 Leg X-Guard
Breaking Muscle: Review – “Winning On The Ground” By AnnMaria De Mars
Graciemag: Bahrain King Heirs Also Practice Jiu-Jitsu
Bloody Elbow: Team Lloyd Irvin Students Accused Of New Year’s Eve Rape Indicted
Lex Fridman: BJJ Community Loves Drama

April 4, 2013

Stephan Kesting: David Meyer On BJJ Competition
Redline GJJ: The Rodeo – Attacking The Turtle
Chewjitsu: Clark Gracie Vs Marcelo Mafra; 3 Lessons For Competition
Gracie Barra: 6 Tips For Women Thinking About Getting Into BJJ
Metamoris: Roger Gracie Vs Marcus Buchecha
Graciemag: Gabi Garcia Celebrates Double Gold In Pan 2013, Mentions Taunts From Rival
BJJ Addict: What Would You Ask Helio Gracie?
Kid Peligro: Relson Gracie Red Belt Promotion
Graciemag: #193 – Make Your Opponent Submit With Side Attacks
Skirt On The Mat: Competing At An IBJJF Event? Check Your Gi!
Scramble: IBJJF Gi Checker – Limited Edition Pre-Sale
Stuart Cooper Films: Jake Shields – American Jiujitsu

April 3, 2013

Clockwork BJJ: Easy Arm Bar Set Up From Guard
Dstryrsg: Look Pretty While Escaping That Turtle
KnockemOrLockem: Black Belt Highlights From The 2013 Pan Ams
Inside BJJ: Crushing The Achilles – Conquering The Ankle Lace
Inside BJJ: Interview With Rafael Lovato Jr
Breaking Muscle: The 4 Best Self-Myofascial Release Products On The Market
BJJ Legends: Heart Rate Monitors While Training BJJ
Science Of Skill: Succeeding In The 50-50 Guard
Learn To Grapple: Danaher 1/2 Guard Pass
BJJ.org: The Right Pass With The Wrong Underhook
BJJ Legends: Gi Review – Flow Kimonos Hemp Prototype Gi
Graciemag: Braga Neto, Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Makes UFC Debut On June 8

April 2, 2013

Richmond BJJ: Open Guard Passing
Jiu Jitsu 365: Does A Smile At The Face-Off Mean You Will Lose?
Inside BJJ: #74 – Mark “Westside” Johnson
This Week In BJJ: Episode 32 – Pan Jiu Jiu Jitsu 2013 Wrap Up With Shawn Williams
Skirt On The Mat: The Locker Room Situation
BJJ Pix: Pans 2013
Jiu Jitsu Mania: Tournament BJJ – 3 Way To Take Your Training Beyond The Comfort Zone
Gameness: 5 Ways That Jiu-Jitsu Helps You In Your Everyday Life
Great Grappling: Blooper Reel
Bishop BJJ: Podcast #3 Featuring David Adiv

April 1, 2013

Learn To Grapple: Butterfly Guard Russian Rus Pass
Meerkatsu: Review – Tatami Estilo 4
Jiu-Jiu: PSA – One Changing Room
Trib Live: Jefferson Hills Middle School Girl Enhances BJJ Skills On The Mat
Science Of Skill: Best Mendes Bros Matches Part 1
Gustavo Dantas BJJ: Thomas Keenan Wins The Want Vs Need Jiu-Jitsu Battle
Sherdog: BJJ Black Belt Competed At Brown Belt At Pans, Got Caught
Rodrigo Freitas: Double Under Guard Pass
Sampa BJJ: Ryan Gracie Triangle Set Ups
Teach Me Grappling: Duck Under To Lift

March 31, 2013

Roy Dean: Download “The Martial Apprentice”
Bloody Elbow: Robert Drysdale – Heir Apparent To The Las Vegas MMA Training Empire
Graciemag: Backstage At The First Drug Test In Jiu-Jitsu During Pan 2013
Kurt Osiander: Move Of The Week – Butterfly Sweep
Mike Rethmeyer: Drop Seoi Nage With Kata Guruma Drill
John Machado: Great Bow Choke From Guard
Lex Fridman: A Single Leg Is Hard To Finish
Meerkatsu: #Clarking
gireviews.net: CTRL Industries Ipanema Gi Review
Graciemag: After Devastating Fire, Pesadelo BJJ Needs Your Help

March 30, 2013

Ricardo Cavalcanti: Armbar Defense
Great Grappling: North South Submission Head Scissor
Stephan Kesting: How To Escape Kesa Gatame And The Headlock
ABC News: Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy
Grapplers Planet: The Art Of Sub Series – Tribute To The Women In BJJ
Business In BJJ: Teachers, Competitors And Economic Success
Grapplers Quest: 7 Submissions From Bill Cooper
Graciemag: Jiu-Jitsu Professor Marries Princess In Jordan
Bloody Elbow: Will The Rubber Guard Ever Become Widespread In MMA?
On The Mat: Reilly Bodycomb – Time To Calf Crush!

March 29, 2013

Ken Primola: Buchecha Omoplata Sweep
Phuket Top Team: Olavo Abreu Teaches Bicep Lock Sweep
Gracie Barra: Coller Choke From Turtle Position
Valerie Worthington: Intellectual Property And Citation Of Sources: Who “Owns” BJJ?
Chewjitsu: 7 Methods To Drilling And Adding New Techniques To Your BJJ Part 4
Revolution BJJ: Knee Cut To Inverted Heel Hook To Kneebar
mixedmartialarts.com: Dave Camarillo – BJJ Smarter, Judo Tougher
BJJ Addict Radio: Kit Dale Interview
Graciemag: André Galvão Analyzes Buchecha: ‘He Is Fast, He Looks Like A Big Featherweight!’
Graciemag: Caio Terra Comments On Tactical Victory Against Malfacine
Black Belt Magazine: Capoeira Kicks – The Brazilian Art’s Fancy Foot Techniques
Ok! Kimonos: List Of Athletes Tested For Steroids At The Pans

March 28, 2013

Stephan Kesting: What Is The Spider Guard?
Business/Judo Of Life: Statistics And Armbars
Kahl1One: This Is Jiu-Jitsu Trailer
Breaking Muscle: Techniques For Controlling Competition Anxiety
Stuart Cooper Films: Nic Gregoriades – The Journey Never Ends
Joshjitsu: BJJ Tree – Why You Should Stop Being Interested In Rubber Guard
Bloody Elbow: Study Shows Significant Effects Of MMA And Boxing On The Human Brain
Graciemag: Replay Of Rafael Lovato, Jr. Guard Pass Seminar