October 31, 2012

This Week In BJJ: AJ Albert
Jiu Jitsu Matrix: Ricardo Migliarese Sweep (Hurricane Sandy Move 1)
Teach Me Grappling: Double Under Pass Counter
Jits Magazine: Robson Moura – Cross Guard Back Take – Part 2
Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Fabricio Werdum To Coach TUF Brazil 2
Business / Judo Of Life: Throwing Tip – Outside Leg Sweep
Three Harmonies: Carlos Machado Receives Red/Black Belt From Brothers
Graciemag: Rickson Gracie – “In Today’s MMA, Anything’s An Excuse To Stand It Up”
Jiu-Jiu: BJJ Blogger Memes
Inside BJJ: #49 – Ernest Mello One On One
Pacific Wave Jiu Jitsu: Why It’s Important To Be Upfront About Injury In The Martial Arts
BJJ Legends: Review And Mindmap – Modern Jiu Jitsu – Closed Guard
Great Grappling: Leg Weave Entrance And Basic Sweep
BJJ Canvas: The Characteristics Of Success And How To Apply Them
Slideyfoot: Website Review – riojiujitsuguide.com
Graciemag: ADCC – Traven Requests Chance To “Fix” Most His Disappointing
Graciemag: Chile Gets Its First Abu Dhabis Trials, For South American Fighters Only
BJJ Mind: Born To Grapple. Why Humans Are Better Grapplers Than Runners
Georgette: Guest Post From Brian Mclaughlin – Metamoris Commentary
Open Mat Radio: Episode 43 – Gustavo Dantas Part 1
learntograpple.com: Rubber Guard Triangle
learntograpple.com: Karl Control Triangle
learntograpple.com: Triangle Choke Off Double Unders Guard Pass

October 30, 2012

Science Of Skill: Re-vamping Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Game 101
Graciemag: Brazilian No-gi Nationals 2012 Photo Gallery
Bloody Elbow: Wanderlei Silva To Return In 2013
Dstryr/sg: More Pics From Metamoris
Three Harmonies: 8th Degree Coral Belt Carlos Machado
Bishop BJJ: BJJ Psychology – Think Positive Under Pressure
Jiu-Jiu: Why It’s Cool To Suck At Jiu Jitsu
gireviews.net: Inverted Gear Blue Panda Review
Skirt On The Mat: Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Ny 2012 – Featuring More Waiting…
Joshjitsu: US Grappling – Va Beach – Full Writeup
Jeff Wassom: Micro-shrimping
Graciemag: Heaps Of Action And Efficient Jiu-jitsu At Jungle Fight 44
Southern Jiu Jitsu: A Biased View Of The Ryron/galvao Metamoris Pro Match
Gracie Barra: Going For The Arm Lock

October 28, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Jeff Blatnick – A Retrospective Of His Amazing Accomplishments
Bloody Elbow: The Top 10 MMA Fights That Never Happened
Jiu-Jiu: My Love/Hate Relationship With BJJHQ
Graciemag: Further Your Studies To Sweep From Half-guard More Efficiently
Graciemag: Who Can Stop Leandro Lo, The Absolute No Gi Champion Of Brazil?
Learntograpple.com: Pyramid Triangle Choke
Learntograpple.com: Triangle Choke From Butterfly Guard
Learntograpple.com: Triangle Choke From Guard With Wizzer (overhook)

October 27, 2012

Gracie Breakdown: Metamoris Pro Ryron Gracie Vs. Andre Galvao
Dstryr/sg: The French Triangle
Graciemag: Bráulio Estima’s Tough And Gentle Routine Training With Fabio Gurgel
Graciemag: Know How To Escape Mount When The Pressure Rises?
Jiu Jiu: BJJ Blogs – Teasing Out Content
Graciemag: Leandro Lo Wants Rafa Mendes And Cobrinha Before Move To Middle
Gireviews.net: Checkmate – A Review Of Ctrl Industries’ The Knight
BJJ Pix: Checking Up With Lucas Leite
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Side Control Escape / Defense
BJJ In MMA: This Vintage Jiu Jitsu Video Is The Greatest Way To Finish Out The Week

October 26, 2012

KeepItPlayful: Play Sport, Be Street
Bishop BJJ: Jiu Jitsu Psychology: Broaden And Build
Valerie Worthington: 8 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Health And Fitness
Graciemag: Rafael Lovato Jr: “I Want To Show I Am One Of The Best At No Gi As Well!”
Bloody Elbow: Remembering Jeff Blatnick, The Man Who Named Mixed Martial Arts
Graciemag: Take The Back And Finish With Just One Hook In!
Kurt Osiander: One Handed Tech
Graciemag: Want A Bigger Gas Tank For Jiu-jitsu?
Graciemag: Bruno Bastos: “A Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Isn’t An MMA Black Belt”
BJJ Canvas: A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Thought Experiment
Jiu Jitsu Vortex: Demian Maia MMA Retrospective – A BJJ Submission Extravaganza
Jiujitsupedia.com: Funk Counter To Single Leg
Jits Magazine: BJJ Cribs With Kim Terra
Gracie Barra: No Gi Worlds Preparation With Ricardo Almeida
BJJ Legends: Mind Map – Ryan Hall’s The Triangle Series
Part Time Grappler: Take The Back From Mount

October 25, 2012

Balance Studios: Road To Balance Black Belt
BJJ Legends: Metamoris Pro In Pictures
Budo Videos: Jeff Glover’s Favorite No Gi Techniques
Jean Jacques Machado: Front Collar Grip Spinning Choke
gb72videos: Triangle Choke Set Up From Closed Guard Using Belt Control
prommanow.com: Jeff Glover Metamoris Post-fight Interview
Caged Insider: Magalhaes – “Chael Will Submit Jones Off His Back”
BJJ In MMA: An Hour Long Chat With The Real Jason Miller
BJJ In MMA: Miesha Tate Open To BJJ Grappling Match With Kyra Gracie
Ken Primola: One Of A Kind Unique Grappling Artwork
Joshjitsu: BJJ Shopping List
BJJ Pix: Debunking Jiu-Jitsu Myths
BJJ In MMA: Rubens Cobrinha Shows Us How To Improve Our Balance
Jiu Jitsu Lab: Cobrinha In Vancouver
Dstryr/sg: Two Most Important Things In Grappling – Your Grip And Your Core
Tap Tap Tap: Gendered Insults – A Step-by-step Guide To Bad Coaching
Jiu Jiu: Taking Notes In BJJ
Graciemag: Get Up To Speed On Your Lapel Chokes, With Michael Langhi
Skirt On The Mat: The Weird, Mildly NSFW Part Of BJJ Blogging
gireviews.net: Hakai Kimonos Rip Stop “Vengence” BJJ Gi Review
Jiu Jiu: BJJ Blogging – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
BJJ Addict Radio: Mario Sperry And Hannette Staack

October 24, 2012

Rolled Up: Episode 27 – Tim Cartmell
Part Time Grappler: Judo Or BJJ? 2x Olympian Sophie Cox Bridges The Two Arts
Damage Control: Catch Wrestling Neck Cranks
Bishop BJJ: Innovative Jiu Jitsu Part 2
Renato Tavares: Spinning Armbar And Foot Lock From Omoplata
BJJ Canvas: Reverse Engineering Technique In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Graciemag: Check Out An Array Of Positions For Defending While On All Fours
Ze Grapplez: Father Time Waits For No Man
Ze Grapplez: Terrere Knee Shield Guard Pass

October 23, 2012

Robson Moura: Cross Guard Sweep – Part 1
allthingsbjj: The Gentle Art – Dean Lister
This Week In BJJ: Episode 17 With Marcus Almeida “buchecha”
prommanow.com: Dean Lister Metamoris Post-fight Interview
Rafael Mendes: Passing The Guard Changing The Side Drill
Jiu Jiu: Learning From Watching BJJ Sparring
Joshjitsu: Watching The Class: Who, How, And What?
Gireviews.net: Is The Storm T2 Really The Gi Of Champions?
learntograpple.com: Palm-up Palm-down Cross Choke From Knee On Belly
learntograpple.com: North-south Choke From Side Control
BJJ In MMA: Someone Recorded Demian Maia And Marcelo Garcia In Better Quality
Gracie Barra: The Why, How, And What Of Gracie Barra
Nathan Mendelsohn: American BJJ Player Blog – Technique Of The Week #9
Carlos Machado: Top Half Guard Cross Lapel Choke
BJJpix: Eddie Bravo On Babies, Rubber Guard, MMA, Pulling Guard
Gracie Barra: Learning The Butterfly Sweep By Professor Marcio Feitosa
Inner BJJ: Thoughts On Metamoris
Graciemag: Lucas Lepri Teaches Triangle From Back-control
Christian Graugart: First Competition As Black Belt Is In The Books
Bloody Elbow: MMA Origins: Buckeye Beatdown
Rant Sports: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Had A Broken Rib During Herman Bout