October 21, 2012

Southern Jiu Jitsu: What I Learned From Metamoris
Meg Jitsu: Pregnancy And BJJ – Postpartum
Graciemag: Watch Ricardo Tirloni’s Arm Triangle From The Bellator Gp
BJJ Canvas: Piecing It All Together In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Graciemag: Jiu-jitsu And MMA World’s Finest Phrases Of The Week
BJJ Canvas: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Teaching Experiment I
Tangled Triangle: BJJ And Black Hair – Training Changes Everything
Ryno BJJ: Jiu-Jitsu Characters Part Two
Fightworks Podcast: Which 2012 Event Will Be Viewed As More Important in 3 Years
Ze Grapplez: Rener’s Piss Goblet

October 20, 2012

Eddie Bravo: Mastering The System Episode 46 Featuring Josh Barnett, Shawn Williams
prommanow.com: Xande Ribeiro Metamoris Post-fight Interview
Bloody Elbow: Demian Maia, Rick Story And The Rear Naked Torque
Dstryr/Sg: Metamoris In Pictures: Part I
Meerkatsu: Gear Review – Ground Game ‘Samurai Shadows’ Rashguard And Shorts
Lloyd Irvin: The Next World Champion – Episode 1 (Medal Chasers)
Lex Fridman: Train Your Armbars By Breaking Broomsticks
gireviews.net: The Vador By Competidor Gi Review
Tap Tap Tap: Metamoris – Let’s Beat This Dead Horse
Jiu Jiu: BJJ – How Do You Treat The Brand-newbies?
BJJ In MMA: Approved Matchup: Nick Diaz Vs Demian Maia
BJJ In MMA: Highlight From The Masters And Seniors IBJJF Tournament
Graciemag: Want To Finish A Heavier Opponent? Sweep And Sink The Arm-triangle
Graciemag: Use Your Legs To Tap Out An Aggressor Like The Bellator Ace Does
Bloody Elbow: Demian Maia Would Like To Fight Jon Fitch Or Nick Diaz
Graciemag: What Match-ups Do You Want To See At The Next Metamoris Pro?
prommanow.com: Rafael Lovato Jr. Metamoris Post-fight Interview
BJJPix: How The Last Match Of Metamoris Set A Standard

October 19, 2012

Fightworks Podcast: Metamoris Pro’s Submission Only Format Examined
Valerie Worthington: Opinions Are Like… – 2 Tips For Making The Most Of Advice
Science Of Skill: Henry BJJ – Blogger Interviews Are Back!
Graciemag: 3 Details Behind Caio Terra’s Win Over Jeff Glover
Grapplearts: The Jab-cross Of Open Guard Sweeps
International Judo Federation: Vladimir Putin Promoted To 8th Dan
Dstryr/Sg: … You Put Your Left Foot In, You Put Your Left Foot Out …
Breaking Muscle: Braulio Estima On His MMA Debut, The Blackzilians, And The Future
Jason Scully: 30 Animal Grappling Solo Drills
Graciemag: Get The Omoplata Finish With Masters Worlds Winner Vitor Shaolin
Jiu-Jiu: BJJ Black Belt Blogs
Graciemag: Sharpen Up Your Counters From Half-Guard
Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Says He’s ‘training Again’, Wants Forrest Griffin
Graciemag: Want To Shore Up Your Defensive Guard? Learn From Xande Ribeiro
Inside BJJ: #47 – Leo Frincu, Mark Matthews
Graciemag: Shaolin And Gi Return: “Honestly, Jiu-jitsu Hasn’t Changed One Bit”
Graciemag: Learn To Take The Back With Bruno Paulista
Graciemag: Rickson Combatting Sharp Weight Cuts And Ills Of Dehydration
Lockflow: The Impossible Workout
BJJ Hacks: BJJ Champ Leticia Ribeiro – Creating Future World Champions
BJJ In MMA: A Lesson In Releasing Guillotines Before They Come Back And Bite You
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Escape From Mount To Deep Half Guard
Learntograpple.com: D’arce From Wrap Around Choke In Side Control
Learntograpple.com: Wrap Around Choke From Side Control
Learntograpple.com: Arm Triangle Choke From Side Control

October 18, 2012

Prommanow.com: Kron Gracie Talks Win Over Otavio Sousa At Metamoris
Graciemag: Bruno Paulista Teaches How To Take The Back When The Opponent Turtles
Bloody Elbow: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Armbars Dave Herman
Bloody Elbow: Jon Jones Reveals Details Of Elbow Injury Suffered Against Vitor Belfort
Dstryr/Sg: Wanna See Rodolfo Vieira Manhandling His Defenseless Prey?
Breaking Muscle: Bartitsu – The Steampunk Mixed Martial Art
Graciemag: Anthony Bourdain Hits The Mats In Rio
Three Harmonies: Jean Jacques Machado And His Wicked Omoplata
Business/Judo Of Life: Armbar Counter
Gracie Academy: How To Bullyproof A Nation
Skirt On The Mat: Metamoris – A Good Start
Jiu-Jiu: Operation Tattered Belt
Graciemag: The Finest Photos Of Jiu-jitsu In MMA At UFC Rio 153
Learntograpple.com: Americana / Keylock From Side Control
Revolution BJJ: Using The Kimura Grip To Pass The Guard
Graciemag: 6 Tips To Fast-track Your Jiu-jitsu Evolution Starting Today
Gireviews.net: Confessions Of A Gi Addict – Nicole Kirk
Jiujitsumania: A Lesson From BJJ Legend Mario Sperry
BJJ In MMA: Watch Buchecha’s Incredible Transition To Armbar From A Different Angle
BJJ Addict Radio: Roy Dean Interview
BJJpix: A Metamoris Change In Mindset
Ze Grapplez: Overcoming Injury

October 17, 2012

BJJ Weekly: Mackenzie Dern – Leg Lock
Bloody Elbow: Andre Galvao Throws Fuel On An Old Debate
Gracie Academy: Jiu-jitsu Vision
BJJ In MMA: The Metamoris Videos Have Arrived
Jiu-Jiu: So You Want To Start A BJJ Blog
Inside BJJ: #46 – Metamoris Pro – Eddie Bravo, Ryron Gracie, Jeff Glover
Dstryr/Sg: Interview – Mike Martelle Of Submission Arts Wrestling
BJJ In MMA: Our Favorite Gifs From The Metamoris Pro
BJJ In MMA: Dean Lister Vs Xande Ribeiro Was All About The Submission Defense
Ze Grapplez: Drills For Cross Grip Seionage
Ze Grapplez: On Metamoris
Learntograpple.com: Near Side Armbar From Side Control
Bleacher Report: 10 Rarely-seen Submissions In Professional MMA
ProMMAnow.com: Royce Gracie Answers Questions From The Fans
Graciemag: The 5 Best Action Scenes With Women In The Movies
Bloody Elbow: UFC 153 – Inconsistent Officiating With Stand Ups
Dstryr/Sg: Inosanto’s Gonna Choke You Out
Fightworks Podcast: Alliance Leader Fabio Gurgel On Metamoris Pro
Graciemag: Sweep, Pass And Kimura Lessons From Rafael Lovato And Kayron
Lex Fridman: Be Careful – Five Ways To Hurt Others In Jiu Jitsu Training
Graciemag: Andre Galvão Launches Online-teaching Website
ProMMAnow.com: Judo Gene Lebell Interview Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2)

October 16, 2012

Bloodyelbow: Metamoris Pro Gif-bomb And Results/recap
Jiu Jitsu Lab: Metamoris Pro – Review And Recap
Dstryr/Sg: Metamoris Pro Was So Cool We Made This Handy Infographic Thing
Bloody Elbow: Recap – Minotauro Nogueira Vs. Dave Herman
Meerkatsu: Super Sunday – Metamoris And Skydiving Records
BJJ In MMA: This Gif From The Metamoris Pro Might Be The Greatest BJJ Gif Of All Time
BJJ Heroes: Fernando Vieira
Graciemag: Meanwhile In Brasilia, Rodolfo Vieira Wins Absolute And Car Payout
Graciemag: Marcus Bochecha And Roger’s Guard Replacement And Armbar Clinic
Bishop BJJ: The Innovative Process Of Jiu Jitsu
Three Harmonies: Defense Soap Review
Gireviews.net: An Interview With Scramble’s Matt Benyon
Graciemag.com: Bochecha Vs. Roger And Images From Metamoris By John Lamonica
Gracie Barra: Spreading Jiu-jitsu To The World Part 1 – Using Social Networks
Ze Grapplez: Multimedia Mailbag – Arm Attack Weekend/UFC/Metamoris Pro
BJJ In MMA: Antonio Nogueira Proves That Yes, Jiu Jitsu Does Actually Work
Bleeding Edge: The Brand Of BJJ – Metamoris
On The Mat: Gumby’s Monday Column
Learntograpple.com: Side Control Kimura With Armbar Finish
Learntograpple.com: Super Kimura / Renzo Kimura From Side Control
Learntograpple.com: Far Side Armbar From Knee On Belly
Southern Jiu Jitsu: Match Breakdown – Marcelo Garcia Vs Victor Estima in 2009
MMA Mania: Demian Maia Bringing The ‘Wow’ Factor With His Submissions
Rant Sports: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – No Plans To Retire Anytime Soon

October 15, 2012

This Week In BJJ: Episode 16 With Shawn Williams
Graciemag: Fabio Gurgel – “A Black Belt Who Takes The Back Shouldn’t Lose The Fight”
Graciemag: Jiu-Jitsu Is The Art Of Saying No!
Grapplearts: An Advanced Guard Sweep
BJJ Hacks: Leticia Ribeiro – Creating Female Champions
Fightworks Podcast: Meet Metamoris Promoter Robert Zeps
Valerie Worthington: How To Hip Escape – Fundamental BJJ Movement
Bloody Elbow: Metamoris Pro Live Blog And Play By Play
Kurt Osiander: Cleaning Your Academy
Jiu-jitsu Vortex: Entire Judo Throwing Technique Syllabus In One Awesome Video

October 14, 2012

Robson Moura: Triangle Setup Details
Fightworks Podcast: Reflecting On Metamoris Pro
Fightworks Podcast: Poll – Traditional Japanese Decorum Is In Your BJJ Academy?
Graciemag: Lister – “I’m Curious To See How Xande Will Try To Tap Me Out”
Graciemag: From London, A Bona Fide Lecture On Jiu-jitsu, By Roger Gracie
Fightworks Podcast: Ryron Gracie Discusses His Match Against Andre Galvao
Ze Grapplez: Metamoris Pro Picks (videolog)
BJJ Pix: 5 Questions With Rafael Lovato Jr. About Metamoris
Lex Fridman: How To Start Setting Goals In BJJ
MMA In DC: Wrestling Coach Tim Dawson Teaches The Collar Tie Position
Nathan Mendelsohn: Technique Of The Week #8
Bloody Elbow: Demian Maia Submits Rick Story Early
Bloody Elbow: Big Nog Proves That Jiu Jitsu Does Work, Submits Dave Herman

October 13, 2012

Part Time Grappler: The Science Of Luck In Grappling / BJJ Part 3
Meerkatsu: Gi Review – Gawakoto ‘Save The Earth’ X Art Junkie Gi
Breaking Muscle: Strength Training For Judo: Part 2 – The Turner
Bloody Elbow: Renato Laranja Gives His Main Card Picks For UFC 153
Turtleguard: Bullies…
Jiu Jitsu Blues: Shelving My A-Game
Graciemag: Xande – “If Lister’s Never Tapped, I’m Going To End His Run”
Grappling Girls Guild: Jiu-jitsu Epiphanies
BJJ In MMA: Dave Herman Continues His ‘i’m Going To Submit Nogueira’ Tour
Ken Primola: Marcus Buchecha Almeida Vs Roger Gracie Prediction
On The Mat: Is Buchecha Taunting Roger?
Southern Jiu Jitsu: Study Evaluates The Affects Of Arginine On Jiu-jitsu Practitioners
Yahoo! Answers: How Much BJJ Is In Judo?
Learntograpple.com: Step Over Knee On Belly Side Transition Drill
Learntograpple.com: Knee On Belly Stability And Mobility Drill

October 12, 2012

Bloody Elbow: Minotauro Nogueira Doesn’t Regret Not Tapping To Frank Mir
Dstryr/sg: They Don’t Say “berimbolo Counter” ’til I Say They Say “berimbolo Counter.”
Three Harmonies: Jeff Glover Prepares For Metamoris
Fightworks Podcast: Rafael Lovato Jr On His Metamoris Pro Match Against Kayron
Valerie Worthington: Overcoming Instincts To Progress Athletically
Three Harmonies: 5 Sneaky Armbar Setups From Jean Jacques, Rigan, And John Will
Graciemag: He Proved Miyao’s Guard Can Be Passed
Graciemag: Cat Zingano Wins By Rnc And Is Still Undefeated In MMA
Skirt On The Mat: Why Do You Compete?
Gireviews.net: The Shoyoroll Rio Koi
Learntograpple.com: S-mount Armbar
Learntograpple.com: Side Control Kimura – Kimura From Side Control
Metamoris Pro: Full Trailer
Graciemag: Rafael Lovato Jr – “My Game Is Flowing Better With The Sub-Only Rule!”
BJJ In MMA: Dave Herman Says He’s Going To Submit Big Nog In The Second Round
BJJ In MMA: Big Nog Doesn’t Seem Very Worried About Dave Herman’s Jiu Jitsu
Graciemag: Kayron Gracie “In 20 Minutes, Technique Prevails Over Force”