October 27, 2015

BJJ HEROES: Felicia Oh
Great Grappling: Turtle Control Ankle Lift
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slideyfoot: Technical Mount Escape
Ricardo Cavalcanti: Open Guard Pass
graciemag: 5 essential qualities to have success in no-gi from to 5 world champions
graciemag: Learn a sweep from the inverted DLR/X Guard from Gianni Grippo
method bjj: 4 Inverting Back Escapes and Attack Transitions Part 2

October 23, 2015

BJJ Heroes: The Gauntlet (Belt Whipping)
Kate Jackson: High Elbow Guillotine Tutorial
BJJ Library: Luiza Monteiro – Leading Women’s BJJ
Gracie Barra: Your BJJ Training Goals – 4 Questions To Help You
Graciemag: Major Lisa Jaster, Third Female To Complete Army Ranger School, Is A BJJ Blue Belt
Graciemag: Pass The Lasso Guard With Guilherme Mendes
Evolve MMA: 5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu X-Guard Sweeps
Stuart Cooper Films: Buchecha – Episode One
Be Water, My Friend: Guard Passing: Reducing Passing Steps
No Holds Barred: Kevin Jackson On Iowa State Wrestling 2015-16, Mental Toughness
Tristar Gym: Ask Me Anything Replies – Coach Firas Zahabi