September 2, 2014

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BJJ Heroes: Gianni Grippo
MMA Kanvas: Submission Masterclass: Tips To Perform Like A BJJ Champion
Gracie Barra: Interview: Professor Rattinho Eliaquim
No Holds Barred: Ojeda, Sansonetti, Velasquez, Karakas, Liberty Bell/King Of Catch Wrestling
Berimbolo Kid: Match Of The Week – Marcio Andre Vs. Isaac Doederlein – Worlds 2014
Graciemag: Learn Two Ways To Avoid Getting Hit And Escape The Mount In A Street Fight
Graciemag: Study How To Use Pressure In Jiu-Jitsu With Fabricio Werdum Fighting In The Gi
The National: Renzo Gracie Sees Bright Future For Jiu-Jitsu In Abu Dhabi
BJJ Ocean Springs: How To Tie Your BJJ Belt