September 22, 2013

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BJJ Legends: Renato Migliaccio – The Essence Of BJJ Basics
Stuart Cooper Films: Onnit Labs Intense MMA And BJJ Workout – The Roger “Huerta Pace”
Lex Fridman: Interview With Judo World Champion Georgii Zantaraia
BJJ Scout: Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 2 – Weaves
Middle Easy: Brendan Schaub Says He Helped Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu After His Match At Metamoris
Tangled Triangle: 21 Days, 21 Life Improvements From BJJ
Grapplers Planet: Rener Gracie Secret Service Story
Chewjitsu: 10 Years In BJJ And 10 Lessons I’ve Learned (Part 4)
Science Of Skill: Renato Migliaccio – “Invincible Basics” For BJJ
Tim Sledd: Kimura Attack Series
Dstryr/Sg: Drilling Today, Success Tomorrow
Shoyoroll Presents: Yuri Simoes – Leg Lock From Half Butterfly Guard
Shoyoroll Presents: Yuri Simoes – Double Underhook Defense To Back Control
Gracie Barra: Taking Care Of Your Mind Is Jiu-Jitsu – How The Best Got There
BJJ Eastern Europe: Interview With Christy Thomas, Relson Gracie’s Only Female Black Belt