September 30, 2013

Science Of Skill: Art Of War (Sun Tzu) In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Older Grapplers & How To Find Time In Your Schedule To Train
Renato Tavares: North And South Turtle Choke With Suyan
Ryan Clements: There Is No Shortcut, You Have To Put In The Reps
Gracie Barra: Let’s Talk Drilling Meaning, Motivation, And BJJ
Bleacher Report: 5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Artists We’d Love To See In MMA
Tattooed Chimp: Lesson Plans
Kit Dale: Single Leg X To The Back
Zach Even-Esh: Kolat Wrestling – High Crotch Drills & Finishes
Tap Out 101: The BJJ Belt Promotion/Grading Survey